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It's looking more and more like it's Spring in Alberta, Canada. Snow has melted away, we have some grass showing some green already. The sun was bright and just a bit of wind to keep things cool... It's a wonderful day.


I have mentioned in the past few blog posts about eating vaped leftovers, or otherwise know as ABV, (Already Been Vaped), and this is what I do on a regular basis now that the Zeus Smite has become my "go-to" toking tool.


Hazelnut-chocolate spread with ABV on multi-grain toast.


So it's pretty damn basic. No need to nuke your ABV, it's already been roasted by the heat in your vape. Hazelnut spread is pretty sweet and it balances out the bitterness of the ABV. Being that it has been vaped, it has a pleasant nutty flavour and toasted aroma, it pair very well with hazelnuts spreads.  So check out the steps below and have yourself a happy treat that will smooth your aches and pains for a few hours.


NOTE! I have a high tolerance for cannabis. When making edibles, any newcomer should start off low and work their way up. I started off making this snack with only 1/4 teaspoon.  



Step 1.

Your choice of bread. I use a nice all grain, cuz at 42, fiber is a good thing.


Step 2.

While it's warm, smear that toast, both faces.

 I have a heaping teaspoon of ABV to sprinkle on the toast.

 My chai tea is hot and ready to go!

Step 3.

Here I decided that it needed MORE spread. 

The temperature difference from outta the jar to spread on toast didn't work so well. 

Kinda globbed in spots. oh well.

Steps 4 and 5

Lid your sandwich by leaving the ABV side down. 

Nom Nom Nom. 

Tastes great, gonna feel even better.



So tomorrow being Monday, I am gonna post some news about why I took down my sponsor ads, and how you can help this blog. 


For now, I hope all my readers are having a wonderful Sundays doing all the things that they love doing.  


Peace and positive vibes.



Neal Michaud is a 420 infused blogger who is looking to write for and promote all manner of cannabis friendly companies and groups.

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