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Posted: Sun November 27 8:13 PM PST  
Member: Neal Michaud
Updated: Sun November 27 8:17 PM PST
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Today I want to talk about the Sour Diesel shatter I bought from OBCW. My experiences with previous shatters (Death Bubba; Amnesia Haze from Cannabisimo) were very pleasant and flavourful with terpenes. I am not saying that my Sour Diesel experience is a poor one, it's what I paid for. I am a bargain hunter, and I suspect that the price point may be due to the quality of this concentrate. While it isn't that tastiest shatter I have toked, it is a great way to start my morning. Hot coffee and a "rice-grain" Sativa dab, chases lots of troubles and pain away.
I am a klutz. No flaming torches my dabs.

OrganicBCWeed has this to say about their Sour Diesel shatter:

"Sour Diesel, AKA Sour D, is an uplifting and euphoria inducing sativa (85% Sativa 15% Indica). This strain is named for it’s pungent skunky sour smell. This quick acting strain provides dream-like cerebral effects. Sour Diesel has reached legendary status for it’s excessively stimulating attributes. Your problems fade away in your first few tokes, pain and rigidity lessen immediately. As amazing as that is, it’s the long-lasting relief that leaves Sour Diesel a numero uno for med. patients. This strain is a hybrid of from Chem Dawg, Northern lights and a phenotype of a skunk."

The vapor point of this shatter was around 10 seconds as opposed 7 seconds on the Death Bubba. The terpenes are brief and is replaced by a greasy, oily vapor. The effect is quick and it works well, and it does toke nice and smooth, barely a cough. I am happy with my purchase. It's not often that I go higher than a "rice-grain" per session. I recently bent that rule when I had a  really painful day and doubled my dose per session. I also backed it up with a vaporizer session soon afterward. I did find that the double-dose kept the pain at bay. Absent were any negative thoughts in this particular flare up. My nap was only three hours, but it was wonderful! I am still learning to cope with Fibromyalgia; some days are worse than others. But, living a fulfilling life with this condition is not impossible. Cannabis helps. A lot.
Dark Cola Brown!

Rating this Sour Diesel shatter, I have to give it 3/5. Great price, effective dabs. For those of you who have a small budget, at this price, you may feel free to indulge yourself. I never give out a 5 unless it some miraculous product that leaves me stupefied. A 4 is where most of my ratings land, and I gave this shatter a 3 because the terpenes are short-lived and vapour is oily.

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