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CBD is a substance that has been around for many years. However, many people now use it for various reasons, and the age gap in using this substance has dramatically widened. This is because scientists have done a lot of research on the subject and found out that CBD is highly beneficial to human health.


However, one prevalent problem people seem to have is the dosage of CBD they should take. Every person taking CBD would most likely have different dosages they should take for their ailments. Additionally, Some people may need to take it frequently, while some may only need to take it occasionally. Without knowing how often and how much CBD they should take, it could provide them with some health complications. For example, some people may be taking CBD to reduce anxiety, while some others would want to take it to reduce pain


Thus, this article will help explain how you should take CBD. But, before that, you need to understand what CBD is and where it came from.


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What is CBD?


If you’re a health enthusiast, you would have probably heard about CBD. You may have even tried it once or twice. Several stores such as sell CBD products such as CBD gummies, CBD oil, and even edibles.


Admittedly, people gave a bad name to CBD, THC, marijuana, and other hemp products. However, post the introduction of the Farm Bill, a lot has changed. Also, people are now spreading awareness on hemp and all its products through several avenues and platforms. People think that CBD has psychoactive effects due to misconceptions about hemp products. However, that couldn’t be more wrong. The substance that gives those psychoactive benefits is THC.


CBD is one of the 112 cannabinoids you can get from hemp, and it is a substance that interacts with the endocannabinoid system. The ECS is mainly responsible for maintaining homeostasis, keeping pain regulated, and regulating moods. The endocannabinoid system would have remained unknown without scientists researching both CBD and THC.


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How Often and How Constant Should You Take CBD?


If you take CBD more than you need to, it would most likely lead to a waste of money. How often you take CBD depends on various factors. They are:

  • Your weight


Your weight is one of the first things you should consider before you start taking CBD. As a general rule, if you’re slim or underweight, you may not need to take as much CBD as someone with normal weight. Similarly, someone with an average, healthy weight may not need to take as much CBD as someone who’s overweight. Hence, before you start consuming large quantities of CBD, make sure you check your weight. This means that you would most likely not need to take CBD as often as someone who’s overweight. 

  • The condition you suffer from.


This is another factor you should consider when determining the quantity of CBD to consume and at what frequency. It is arguably the most crucial thing to consider. As you may already know, CBD is capable of treating multiple conditions. As a result, people take CBD to manage all sorts of conditions. 


Depression and anxiety affect about 264 million people in the world, and it is incurable. People who have this ailment have to keep taking medication and attending therapy sessions to keep these conditions at bay. Luckily, CBD can help solve that. Since mood disorders are incurable, you may need to take CBD frequently to keep them at bay. On the other hand, more physical conditions, such as pain, don’t need CBD repeatedly. You only need to take them when pain arises. 


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  • Your unique body chemistry


Believe it or not, everyone has relatively unique body chemistry. Therefore, medications that may work for someone may not work for you. In addition, this slight difference in body chemistry means that people react differently to situations and substances. Hence, you may not need as much CBD as the next guy to reap its benefits. The best way to find out what amount of CBD works for you is by taking minor amounts at a time, at regular intervals. Continue this way until you can feel the desired effects you want. 

  • The company you’re getting your CBD from.


Presently, a lot of companies now produce all sorts of CBD products for people to use. Some of these products include gummies and oils, as mentioned earlier. That said, each company varies its CBD concentrations and may even contain other substances to help activate the CBD. That said, before you start taking a CBD product, make sure you check the product description carefully. 


For example, some of these companies would want you to take their products once a day, while some would like you to take them twice. Some would even want you to take it thrice.


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The Bottom Line


The fastest way to determine the concentration of CBD you should take and how often you should take it is by consulting your doctor. These health practitioners would carefully examine you and make sure you don’t experience any adverse symptoms when taking CBD. If you won’t, they can then prescribe the recommended amount and dosage of CBD you should take depending on your body chemistry. That said, this article has helped explain what CBD is, how often you should take it, and what dosage you should take.

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