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Before the popularity of vaping, smoking was considered cool, and many desired to smoke just to taste the feeling. However, the discovery of its ill effects made people change their perceptions. However, vaping is fast replacing smoking and becoming a new trend for smokers. The trend has, however, received mixed responses from the public. 

Vaping has successfully gotten popularity as one of the most relaxed pass-time activities. Many cite the smooth hits and the experience as the main factors driving the rage and the coolness. The true power of vaping can only be explained by vapers or those who have enjoyed the feeling. If you wish to understand how vaping can mvake cool, we have described it in this article.


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Is Vaping Healthy?


The discussion on whether vaping is healthy or not still raises controversy. Some people oppose vaping, while others believe that vaping is less toxic compared to smoking. These studies cite various reasons to support these claims. One notable thing is that vaping can help smokers quit their addiction to smoking. Many have reported that vaping has helped them cut tobacco consumption since it reduces the cravings for nicotine.

Studies also indicate that the by-products of vaping are less dangerous compared to cigarettes. The emissions are also less toxic for passive smokers, making them tolerable in crowds. Above all, with vaping, you don't have to worry about the smoker's breath.


Is Vaping Cool?


Answering this question is somehow different from understanding how vaping can make one cool. The question of whether vaping is cool or not is entirely subjective. Vapers may defend how the process is cool, while non-vapers may give numerous reasons why vaping is not cool.  For vapers, vaping is cool; however, we would advise you to play it safe when vaping. Running around vaping around non-vapers is a nuisance making vaping not cool. Doing it away from people doing it amongst vapers maintains its coolness. 

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The Cool Factor


The hobby effect


We are all obsessed with our hobbies, and somehow we gain a sense of satisfaction when we partake of them. For a pianist, touching those keys and producing the best tones is cool. For a vaper, the scent of that smoke or the thick white cloud from the mouth makes it all cool. Hearing a vaper describe vaping and vaping kits manufactured by vaporesso shows you the extent to which they enjoy the hobby. Non-vapers consider this an obsession, while for vapers, it is the coolest thing to do. It becomes cooler when they describe their hobby to convince someone else to try it out. The level of passion in the description can easily trigger one to try it out, and soon they become a part of the cool hobby.


The feeling


When you vape, you get to understand the feeling of vaping; some people believe it can calm and eliminates stress. As vapors often describe, it is like inhaling a remedy to stress, and upon exhaling, you puff out all the problems. For many vapers, this is the coolest part of vaping, the fact that you eliminate all the worries and stray fresh and rejuvenated.

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Being part of history is cool


Vaping has been controversial in the years; many propose the ban due to the effects, while vapers want the trend to continue and become a global movement. Whether it is banned or not, history captures the evolution of vaping from inception to date. What's more appealing than becoming part of the group that has to rally against the ban? How cool will it be when a picture of an anti-vape ban group appears in the books, and you are a part of them? Being a vaper means you are part of the changing world, a part of history.


Exploiting the new technology


Every time a new product gets unveiled, people rush to be a part of the group that uses it. The latest vaping technology uses various features such as Bluetooth connections. The feeling of using Bluetooth connectivity to operate the vaping devices is very cool, especially amongst friends. As technology progresses, vaping devices will be in mass demand. Every time a new version gets launched, people scramble to buy it because getting the vape with the latest features makes them look cool.


How it looks


It is easy to recognize a vaping device from a distance. The devices look flashy and colorful, attracting onlookers. The ability to customize the vaping devices, the e-liquid makes it very cool to vapors. 

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Vaping makes one cool in many ways. Being a part of history, enjoying the hobby, and enjoying the feeling of vaping makes one feel cooler than smoking. Due to the cool effects, it is quickly replacing smoking to become the order to the day.  


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