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CBD is the most popular non-psychoactive chemical in the cannabis plant, which medical researchers recommend for its powerful healing properties. Numerous studies have discovered that CBD might be effective against a host of medical conditions, including pain, anxiety, inflammation, to mention but a few.

But while there’s a growing list of illnesses that cannabidiol can manage, there’s little information on how users can deal with the compound’s side effects, one of which is tolerance. This post shall explore some of the top tricks to reset high CBD tolerance.

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How Does CBD Tolerance Develop?


Cannabidiol has no ideal dose. Instead, every user has a specific dosage that works for them. The industry term for this unique dose is ‘sweet spot.’ One of the standard bits of advice that medical doctors give to new and aspiring cannabis users is to start low. After that, they can work their way up in small increments until they achieve their sweet spot. 

However, your CBD sweet spot may vary depending on several factors. Some of those aspects include your metabolism and strength of CBD in a product and your sensitivity and tolerance to CBD. Now, as you continue using cannabidiol, you may start to feel as though you need to up your doses to enjoy the same therapeutic effects you initially experienced with lower doses. The need for higher doses occurs because you’ve developed a tolerance for CBD. 

According to research, frequent cannabis use might dull the effectiveness of certain endocannabinoid receptors. The result is that you need more cannabis in your system to feel the herb’s effects.  It’s also important to note that cannabidiol is non-psychoactive. This means that it’s even harder to tell if you’re developing a tolerance for the substance. In the case of psychoactive compounds like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), you would instantly know that you’re creating a tolerance when the psychedelic effects take longer to kick in. 

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Ways To Reset High CBD Tolerance

  1. Moderate your CBD intake


This hack is particularly beneficial to new full spectrum cbd gummies users. You don’t need to wait till you’ve developed a tolerance for cannabidiol to act. After getting introduced to CBD, immediately monitor your doses and ensure they’re low enough not to trigger any tolerance. 

Practice microdosing, where you take a few hemp CBD pills, then sit back and wait for minimal effects. Once you’ve experienced some therapeutic effects, stop using the substance and wait till the next day to take another dose.

  1. Take a break


Abstinence is probably the most challenging habit to practice once you’re hooked to cannabis. But it’s also the most effective way of managing high CBD tolerance. According to experts, you can try abstaining from CBD use for about two weeks. That will help cleanse and reset your endocannabinoid system to its position before you started using CBD. Or at least allow establishing a new baseline tolerance. 

If the two weeks aren’t enough, go for four weeks, a month, or even two months. Most importantly, ensure that you practice occasional abstinence, especially if you’re already a regular CBD user.

  1. Rehydrate yourself


Dry mouth and eyes are some of the tell-tale signs of high CBD tolerance. Therefore, one of the effective ways of addressing the problem is staying hydrated. Increase your water intake before, during, and after CBD use. The best part about rehydrating yourself to curb high CBD tolerance is that you don’t necessarily have to drink too much water. There are plenty of fluids that you can replace water with, including beef or vegetable broth, juice, smoothies, etc.


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  1. Consider full-spectrum CBD products.


Full-spectrum CBD products refer to products that contain CBD and a host of other cannabinoids, including the psychoactive compound THC. While THC is often viewed in a negative light, the compound comes with numerous medical benefits. THC’s euphoria-inducing properties may come in handy when trying to manage high CBD tolerance. Since euphoria is a mental symptom, it’s more perceptible than physical symptoms. 

Therefore, you can quickly determine your ideal CBD dose by understanding the substance’s threshold alters your state of mind. Of course, the actual mind-altering effects aren’t triggered by CBD but the THC in full-spectrum products.

  1. Take a deep rest


Drowsiness is another side effect of cannabidiol and could be indicative of a high CBD tolerance. Although tiredness is easy to ignore, it can adversely affect your concentration and overall productivity. And when that happens, the worst mistake you can make is to consume more CBD. 

To overcome drowsiness effectively, you might consider taking a shower followed by a deep rest. That will allow your body ample time to recover from the effects of excess CBD in your system.

  1. Take pain-killers


Cannabidiol is a potent analgesic. However, CBD tolerance might cause you to consume more of the compound than you should, causing severe damage to the endocannabinoid receptors responsible for pain management. When that happens, you could find yourself suffering from persistent backaches, muscle pain, and headaches. 

That’s why experts recommend taking painkillers like ibuprofen and acetaminophen as one of the hacks for curbing CBD tolerance. 

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CBD tolerance may be rare, but it’s not unusual. A tolerance for CBD can present a slew of unpleasant side effects. Thankfully, you can implement the above-reviewed tips to counter cannabidiol tolerance and keep your CBD intake within manageable levels. 

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