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You know the old saying, “Give a man a fish.” If you give this man $2,000,000, and he lives 25 years, after which he will have $80,000 per year to split between his spouse, his children and his grandchildren. It will actually be closer to $58,000 after taxes. So enjoy the rest of your life eating frozen meals and occasional trips to Olive Garden.

The time is limited.

Life is too short. Is it moving faster? Is it passing you by like another car stuck in gridlock traffic?

My old mentality was to save enough money for retirement to be able to live on for the rest of my life. I also wanted to leave enough for my family, so they could start investing. It works like this: Once you reach 65, you work and save until your 401k is funded. Then you can hope that your nest egg will last until your death. This sum, when combined with your $1900 Social Security check, makes your finite piggy bank. It’s not necessary to work anymore, but you must be careful with your finances. You need to make sure you give something back to your loved ones. The number 3 million is the amount you should retire with. For many people, $3 million seems like a large sum. You can bet that the majority of people will not have $3 million in their retirement 401k. This old mentality is still valid. Take a look at your Investment Plan and do the math. What will you find?

Like most people, you are thinking: It is getting too late!

“I will never retire!” “I can never retire!” I hear it all the time. Are we F d? You are not F’d, I am here to tell ya. Your money is not yours to retire. It must continue working for you. It’s hard work. However, someone has to work. You can quit working, but never stop learning and making smart Investment decisions.

You know the old saying, “Give a man fish.”

If this man is given $2,000,000 and lives 25 years, he will have $80,000 per year to share with his spouse, children, grandchildren, and his children. It will actually be closer to $58,000 after taxes. So enjoy your remaining years eating frozen meals and occasional trips to Olive Garden. Instead, teach a man how to fish, to generate endless streams of income. He or she can also pass this wealth-building knowledge on to his spouse, children, or grandchildren. You can now eat at Olive Garden every night.

These children should learn to fish!

You don’t have to think small, but it is true.

What is the point of feeling like I have worked my entire life to get this nest egg? Do I now need to protect it and guard it, or will my family end up on a bench? I was told by someone that their investments are earning them 6% per year. Add 3% inflation to the equation and you get 3%. This should not make you get excited. It should also tell you that you aren’t actually creating wealth for the future. A person who has $1,000,000 invested in his investments is earning $30,000 per year. Sorry, no Olive Garden.

What, then, is the best place to put your money?

Applebee’s is with me tonight, honey. We’re now living!

What are the best ways to learn? Keep learning more about Financial Education. It’s no secret that I love to invest in apartments. Cash flow is a great way to make cash flow, hopefully between 8 and 10%. You don’t need to worry about inflation with the new mindset because the depreciation that you write off will outweigh those earnings. You can save the 8 to 10% that you earn if you have an average annual return of 16–20%, which includes capital appreciation. This is basically having your cake and eating it too — the average annual returns or IRR. This is the new mindset. It’s a mind shift. This is abundance. This means you no longer need to count your pennies. Now you can go to Olive Garden. You can even make it Applebee’s.

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