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Your Tenant Should Have A Great Relationship

You can start your relationship on the right foot by making sure the rental agreement is clear and concise. This will ensure that everyone is aware of their responsibilities and who is responsible for them. The agreement is between you and the tenant. You, as a landlord, have certain rules and obligations that you must follow. It is essential to have a clear agreement. You should give the tenant a copy of the agreement, so they are aware of their responsibilities.

When Is The Rent Due?

Tenant’s most important responsibility is to pay rent on time. The landlord must collect it. If the due date is not stated in the agreement, it can cause problems. An agreement that does not specify the due date for rent can lead to confusion in the future. It is important to include in the agreement what happens if rent is not paid by due date. Is there a late fee? How are late fees calculated? These questions are answered clearly in the agreement to eliminate any potential confusion or negativity in the future.

Who Pays For Utilities?

The agreement should include details about who pays for the utilities and which utilities the tenant must pay. It is important to clearly define who will pay for power, cable, water, and other utilities. Tenants living on the property have to pay their utilities on time.

Who Is Responsible To Repair?

Repairs are another topic that should be covered in the agreement. Who is responsible for repairs? For what kind of repairs can they call? What is considered an emergency? Are they calling you to change a lightbulb, or are you responsible?

What should you do if your AC stops working or your plumbing leaks?

What are the best ways for your tenants to contact you regarding repair issues?

You can contact your tenants via email, portal or phone.

Who Is Responsible To Do The Yard Work?

Do you provide a yard service or are the tenants responsible for maintaining the lawn? It is important to specify in the Rental agreement that you will require a tenant to take care of the garden. This is just one of ten ways you can decrease turnover and lower your costs. These items will help you to get a responsible tenant who stays with your property for a long time.


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