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This One Colorado Weed Statistic Says It All About Whether Legalization Is Working

November Dispensary Sales Push Colorado's Legal Reefer Economy To New High. 

By: WeedClub Team, Saturday, January 2020 at 9:15 AM PT

When new competition started cropping up from other states offering legal weed to the public, many armchair economists chatted about how this would impact sales in the Colorado market.  Well, it turns out that Colorado dispensary sales are completely lit.  

The Colorado Department of Revenue released its Marijuana Sales Reports for January 2020 and it includes the November sales.  

Through 11 months of the 2019, Colorado's legal retailers achieved $1,604,238,252 for the period of January to Nov of 2019.  Voter approval has now led to a total sales of $7,643,950,018 for Colorado since 2014. 

Colorado Marijuana Sales

Calendar Year Marijuana Sales by Calendar Year Total Marijuana Sales Since Jan 2014
2014 $683,523,739 $683,523,739
2015 $995,591,255 $1,679,114,994
2016 $1,307,203,473 $2,986,318,467
2017 $1,507,702,219 $4,494,020,686
2018 $1,545,691,080  $6,039,711,766 
2019  (Jan - Nov) $1,604,238,252 $7,643,950,018

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Skeptics of legalization and fans of the herb alike can agree that it is a matter of public safety to regulate this high volume of consumption.  Huge dollars are at stake worldwide and the U.S. Federal Prohibition policy is due for catching up with the times. Co-Founder

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