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Thailand Government Touts Medical Marijuana

Deputy Prime Minister Promotes Legalization to Boost Economy, Wellness

By: WeedClub Team, Sunday, January 19, 2020 at 10:15 AM PT

The Thailand government continues to embrace the medical marijuana industry. It recently introduced Dr. Ganja, a bespectacled green mascot and plushy toy whose job is to educate Thailand about the benefits of medical marijuana. 

The medical marijuana industry in Thailand is predicted to grow to more than $660 million by 2024. Thailand's Deputy Prime Minister has been the most vocal cheerleader for the movement. Last year, Thailand became the first Southeast Asian nation to allow medical marijuana. The plant remains illegal and possession and trafficking can lead to long prison sentences and big fines.

With the launch of the medical marijuana industry, pro-marijuana business people are pushing for cannabis plantations, processing facilities and scaling up some hospitals to become champions of medical marijuana. More and more people are expressing their desire to grow marijuana and forming potential cooperatives between farmers and hospitals. To date, the government has invested over $3.3 million in the first indoor growing facility with plans to prepare one million bottles of cannabis oil by next month.

Not only are some within the government championing medical marijuana, they are also pushing to legalize homegrowing of up to six plants.

Though there is clear support within the government, many lawmakers are taking a wait and see approach and citing the need for more research on the plant.  With parts of Asia embracing legalization and regulation, immense business opportunities open up due to the massive size of the Asian market. 




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