Posted: Thu January 09 9:49 PM PST  
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Updated: Thu January 09 9:51 PM PST
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South Africa Will Be Next To Legalize It If Finance Minister Has His Way.

Twitter Poll By Finance Minister Tito Mboweni Reveals South African Support For Legalization

By: WeedClub Team, Thursday, January 9, 2020 at 9:35 PM PT

Sometimes government officlals ease into expressing a subtle hint here or there that they are supporters of legalization.  Other times, they can go full Thailand- like in the case of Finance Minister Tito Mboweni of South Africa. 

As fin24 reported, Mr. Mboweni boldly tweeted "Legalise it!"

He continued to engage his followers with pictures of large outdoor cannabis plants growing. 

Legal cannabis has been a tax generator wherever it has been released with some semblance of a decent strategy. Exportation of cannabis and cannabis products is a real opportunity for farmers.  Jobs are created in the legal marketplace from seed to sale. 

Mr. Mboweni even tweeted a Peter Tosh YouTube video with the song "Legalize It". 



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