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Pennsylvania Approves More Medical Research Permits

Cannabis Businesses Partner With Clinicians

By: WeedClub Team, Friday, February 21, 2020 at 4:30 PM PT

Prohibition had the ice age version of a chilling effect on medical marijuana research.  Doctors, scientists and researchers applied for studies with no success due to the federal funding block on Schedule I substances.  

When Pennsylvania designed its medical cannabis policy, they considered ways to accelerate the discovery of new applications using the base chemicals found in cannabis.  Regulators at the Department of Health manage a growing number of research partnerships.  For profit businesses with special licenses team up with qualified clinical research institutions in order to qualify for Pennsylvania's medical marijuana research permits.  

One might say this is overly restrictive, yet better than nothing when it comes to the current state of the art for U.S. based cannabis research.  The players involved are not the small businesses, so innovation is limited to the whims of the Curaleaf's of the world.  

“This program is quite innovative and unique,” Pennsylvania Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine told KYW News Radio. “There's a lot to learn in terms of the different strains of medical marijuana; the different ratios of the biologically active compounds, such as THC and CBD; the method of delivery; and then, how they would work in different populations and for different conditions. 

“Because it's a Schedule 1 substance under the DEA nationally, there has not been as much research as we would like.”



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