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New York State Bar Association Agrees With Peter Tosh On Legalization

Cannabis Panel Encourages NY to Legalize It

By: WeedClub Team, Saturday, February 1, 2020 at 11:08 AM PT

Governor Cuomo is intent on legalizing and regulating weed in New York.  On Friday, he got a booster in the form of report out of the committe on cannabis within the New York State Bar Association.  The panel classifies cannabis regulation as a public safety matter, and within its points they suggest laboratory testing as one of the most relevant reasons for their position.  

In the statement, the committee found that legalization should include things such as:

  • Lab Testing,
  • The creation of a State Office to oversee the program,
  • Advertising guidelines,
  • Tax rates,
  • Social equity provisions,  
  • Environmental guidelines

Referencing an earlier release from the American Bar Association, the panel also endorsed removing marijuana from the federal Controlled Substances Act.  

Removing weed from its Schedule 1 status would assist the industry with its current struggles in areas that cross into the federal domain.  

Banking, medical research, real estate, transport and other service providers would see more traction as technical barrers are removed from the cannabis industry.

Simply descheduling marijuana would be a huge help to the undercapitalized industry, which has been penalized by the legal remnants of federal Prohibition.  A not so subtle fiscal benefit of this change would also be to end the 280E tax that gobbles up all the profits out of the Operating companies that touch the plant while also adding to the price of weed on the shelf for the consumers and patients. 

Like Peter Tosh said, the New York State Bar and the American Bar Associations both recommend that we "Legalize it."  




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