Posted: Sat January 18 11:02 AM PST  
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Turns Out Meth Took Over Weed-Desert Tennessee In 2019

Meth tops marijuana as Tennessee's most submitted drug in 2019

By: WeedClub Team, Saturday, January 18, 2020 at 10:50 AM PT 

For the first time since detailed stats were being kept, meth has topped marijuana as the most submitted drug in Tennessee.

Law enforcement believes that the rise in meth is related to the ongoing opiod epidemic within the state. After taking opioids, users typically seek out stimulants like meth.  Of course, they never consider Prohibition to be a related issue. 

Although the state has seen a decline is local meth labs, the increased demand has led to an increase in imported meth. The drug has seen a significant, continued trend upward since 2015. In 2019, it topped 12,072 submissions compared to 9,795 submissions of marijuana.

Congrats Meth and those in the Meth supply chain on their victory in the dry state of Tennessee.  Activists for legal weed point to reduced public health risks related to opioids and alcohol deaths in states that are not like Tennessee. 

Meth does not really create very productive jobs for local farmers, nor does it boost local real estate prices the way that legalization of weed has either. 


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