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M Missoni Zig-Zag Motif Adorns California Marijuana Packaging

Legendary Italian Designer Collaborates With California Pre-Roll Company

By: WeedClub Team, Tuesday, February 4, 2020 at 9:28 AM PT

California currently has issued more than 10,000 cannabis business licenses according to the Bureau of Cannabis Control's website.  As more licenses issue and startups enter the market, it becomes increasingly difficult for brands to emerge out of the haze of products cluttering dispensary shelves.  

California cannabis company Pure Beauty took an innovative approach to differentiating its product from the competition by partnering with M Missoni for their packaging design.  

Appealing to more mainstream tastes with a familiar look from the fashion world is an interesting approach to attempt to capture the next wave of cannabis consumers.  Or, is it what is in the pre-rolls that matter? Only time will tell, however when it comes to consumer packaged goods, standing out in the retail case matters greatly.  

Most cannabis companies have put the emphasis into getting their licenses and locations started up versus having the best possible branding.  Blending strong consumer looks with quality products is a one-two punch that founders entering the industry can leverage, so it will be interesting to follow this collaboration between Pure Beauty and M Missoni to see how consumers respond at the sales register.  

Cannabis is truly becoming a mainstream lifestyle category, alongside its medical positioning, when so many established and aged companies are entering the space.  Let's hope there will be room for small businesses to compete with the elite who have the resources to even enter the high barrier to entry industry. 

To see the M Missoni packaging tap here.


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