Posted: Fri January 24 9:10 AM PST  
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Updated: Fri January 24 11:26 AM PST
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First Marijuana Consumption Lounges Green Lighted in Alaska, Illinois

Cannabis Activists Say This Is De-Prohibition IRL

By: WeedClub Team, Friday, January 24, 2020 at 8:44 AM PT

Mark down the week of January 20th, 2020 as the time period when not one but two cannabis consumption lounges received government approvals to launch new operations in Alaska and Illinois.


Consumers of legal weed have long sought to have legal social venues to sesh in together.  There's a viral Dave Chappelle meme we grabbed off the internet that encapsulates the reason why lounges make such total sense to license and enable-


Entrepreneurs have an additional opportunity to launch new U.S. cannabis businesses with the precedent set that pot lounges, or coffee shops as they call them in Amsterdam, are being licensed. 

The Alaska governing body for cannabis barely approved the applications by GoodSinse LLC of Fairbanks and Cannabis Corner of Ketchikan.  The 3-2 Vote in Alaska was a squeaker, but a win nonetheless for those who feel that the ability of adults to socialize over a joint and a soft drink is a Civil Right in the first place. 

In Illinois, an existing dispensary called Illinois Supply and Provisions won the first approval to open a licensed cannabis consumption lounge.  The new social addition to their dispensary is set to be in Springfield.  


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