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Dispensaries Named 'Essential' in Nevada. Will Stay Open For Now.

Nevada Health Response Center Advises Safety Precautions

By: WeedClub Team, Thursday, March 19, 2020 at 10:20 AM PT

Policy-makers worldwide are having to struggle with adjusting health related policies that affect businesses everywhere due to the Coronavirus outbreak.  In Amsterdam, people queued for blocks to stock up on weed ahead of the anticipated interruptions in services.  Stoners, potheads, patients, caregivers (our types of people to hang with) lined up in places like Illinois and California too.  

San Francisco even made the blunder of shutting down its dozens of bustling cannabis shops.  Senator Scott Wiener, Marty Higgins of Urbana Dispensaries and Evan Horowitz the CEO of WeedClub held a roundtable conversation on Wednesday, March 18 about the crisis in San Francisco. 

This is a fluid topic however.  Just because Nevada has made the call to label dispensaries "Essential Businesses" as of now, does not mean we are out of the woods yet.  One of the most outstanding operators in the space, Apothecarium recently noted on its Instagram that they would continue to monitor the situation with an itchy trigger finger presumptively.  

Jah forbid a budtender should get this virus and we see interruptions in the supply chain, including at the points of sale.  The unregulated market is likely to be the biggest beneficiary of any shutdowns in the regulated industry.  

We said it in our piece about preserving the cannabis supply chain- there has to be emergency banking for legal weed.  Without banking, the industry will not have best practices available to it to protect everyone and the supply chain from failing. Customers need to be able to pay on account.  Deliveries and pick-ups may have to be contactless.  


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