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Dealcoholized Brew Infused With THC

Blue Moon Founder Distributes Innovative Beverage Via Colorado Dispensaries

By: WeedClub Team, Sunday, January 19, 2020 at 12:05 PM PT

Social consumption of cannabis is assuming new forms all the time and Keith Villa, who founded Blue Moon, has released an IPA "Beer" that is infused with THC.

Ceria Brewing Company first made headlines for its high end graphic design and branding. Now, on a mission to provide adults with social ways to catch a buzz without alcohol, the Colorado brewer has released "Indiewave". 

Villa said- as Westword reported- “People in Colorado love to drink craft beer and socialize with friends,” he says. “When my wife and I started the company, we wanted to make a socially acceptable way to have cannabis. There were a lot of edibles like gummies and chocolate out there, but we wanted to create something people could enjoy with family and friends and remove the stigma around cannabis.”.

Cannabis infused beverages have a relatively small share of the overall industry sales at the register presently.  Fans of the drinks appreciate the similarity to drinking alcohol and how they can unwind with a cannabis infused brew socially or at home. 

What is interesting is also how there is a wave of super professional entrepreneurs innovating in the cannabis vertical. 

Have you tried a cannabis beer? Would you switch from your bong, joints and dab rig to bottled weed?


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