Posted: Thu January 30 3:28 PM PST  
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Canberra Marks Start of Marijuana Decriminalization 

Personal Consumption, Homegrown Decriminalized As Of Jan 31 2020

By: WeedClub Team, Thursday, January 30, 2020 at 3:15PM PT

Cannabis consumers in Canberra, Australia woke up on Friday, January 31, 2020 with less of a risk of police harshing their mellows.  The now-live policy enables citizens to have up to 4 plants per household growing.  

Much of the rules specify the lack of public consumption.  Sharing is prohibited.  Um, sharing a joint is going to be a strange regulation to enforce.  

How the police enforce certain provisions of the new Canberra cannabis rules is unknown at this time.  As civil access to personal consumption and growing widens, law enforcement typically have less incentive to harass pot smokers.  

Another interesting point in the policy is that hydroponic growing is not allowed.  Plants must be grown in soil.  

Transporting weed into New South Wales from Canberra is expressly forbidden.

Congratulations to Canberra for making strides to enable people to exercise their civil rights to consume cannabis. Wherever weed has recently been legalized, decriminalized or regulated- how the first plants get started is still an area of limbo for everyone.  Cannabis pioneers have preserved genetics for a long time, even through Prohibition, so that lucky Canberra residents could enjoy some herb today. 

Nice job pioneers.


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