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@420 Trademarked by U.S. Public Company Farmhouse (OTC: FMHS)

Farmhouse Inc. Awarded Federal Trademark for @420 Related Activities

By: WeedClub Team, Wednesday, January 22, 2020 at 9:58 AM PT

The United States Patent and Trademark Office's database updated overnight to reflect a "Registered" status for "@420", with the Registrant being the parent company of WeedClub®.  This marks another trademark for Farmhouse, Inc. which is a publicly traded company in the U.S. on the OTC Exchange with the stock symbol FMHS.

Evan Horowitz, CEO at Farmhouse $FMHS said, "Part of laying the foundation for our company to scale is protecting our Intellectual Property.  WeedClub and Farmhouse are privileged to have this opportunity to enhance our portfolio. Leveraging to help our community, along with our in-person @420 pitch by WeedClub events gives Farmhouse a way to ensure attention for harder to market highly regulated cannabis and hemp enterprises."

Mr. Horowitz was quick to thank Mary L. Shapiro and Nicole Katsin at Evoke Law in San Francisco.  Horowitz said, "Mary Shapiro and her Team are the cannabis equivalent of RBG.  Cannabis businesses do not currently enjoy a great deal of Federal business protections. The fact that Evoke Law has helped us to build a trademark portfolio for the benefit of Farmhouse Shareholders and the WeedClub community is proof that cannabis and hemp businesses can be as mainstream as any other businesses."

To read the full text of the @420 Trademark tap here:

The @420 pitch by WeedClub is an ongoing event series, hosted by WeedClub at Runway in the Twitter Building in San Francisco.  The @420 pitch features early stage and growth stage cannabis and hemp companies presenting to a split panel of mainstream and cannabis venture capitalists in front of an energetic room of vetted investors and industry stakeholders. 

Photo by Mike Rosatti

Pic Above by Mike Rosatti Pics

*Disclosure: The @420 pitch, WeedClub and @420 Twitter are divisions of Farmhouse, Inc. $FMHS so we both own this News Channel and the Trademark being reported on. 




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