Posted: Tue August 23 2:25 AM EDT  
Business: VapinVentors
Tags: cannabis, technology, vaporizer, marijuana, new york


VapinVentors LLC is a start-up company based in New York and we are focused on propelling the Vaping Industry into the future! We are devoted to making the most portable and convenient vaporizers while incorporating the latest technology and premium materials. As a result Zepto was born. Zepto is the first Credit Card sized vaporizer in the world! With features like wireless charging, touch sensor activation, and our proprietary glass heating technology; Zepto is nothing short of ground-breaking !

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Tue August 23 2:41 AM EDT
🔥🔥🔥🔥 very innovative!

Tue November 15 4:32 PM EST
Wow. Amazing technology and design. I know what I want for Christmas!