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Olympia's Best Cannabis Delivery 21+ with valid ID (MMJ patients and providers are asked to please provide their medical authorizations as well) LATE NIGHT DELIVERIES ~ 24/7 Deliveries - anytime day or night! We are a communal collective garden providing medical cannabis delivery and we are NOW accepting new patients. We are donation based, donate for the conainer and recieve a free cannabis gift to go with it. We have fresh, high quality, tested, indoor grown cannabis. We are always restocking and getting new product in, so be sure to ask for the current weeks updated menu and specials. We offer premium medical grade cannabis flower, wax, shatter, hash oil, edibles, and all things cannabis related. Everything is weighed on point or a little over, never worry about skimped donations again! We are looking for repeat patients, so our patients are always treated #1! GUARANTEED SPEEDY DELIVERY* We deliver to: Thurston County ~ Olympia ~ Lacey ~ Tumwater ~ Yelm ~ Rochester ~ McCleary Will consider further out for larger orders, the more you donate the further we are willing to travel. Deliveries must be made in public places (at least initially - for both our mutual safety). Orders will usually be delivered within 30-60 minutes of being placed, the further advance notice we have, the more exact time we can have for delivery. **We also offer wholesale donations for QP's, Concentrates, Edibles, etc.** Contact us by phone or text at 360-nine-seven-two-9-seven-nine-5. We will respond back as quickly (though between the hours of 1am and 10am response may be slow - usually it is better to schedule in advance for deliveries during this time frame). *Due to other deliveries there may be a time delay, especially if you have not scheduled your delivery in advance. We thank you in advance for any patience you may be asked to show. This is legally posted per RCW 69.51a
Olympia's Best Cannabis Delivery

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