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The smokable portion of the cannabis plant that is dried and cured, also known as flower, bud, or nug, is called flower. Although many new cannabis consumption methods are available, smoking marijuana remains a popular option for its versatility.

It is crucial to know how marijuana performs once it reaches consumers. Is it still fresh? Did it arrive in good condition? Marijuana and marijuana-infused products must be stored appropriately and packaged to protect them against harmful factors and prolong their shelf life. Mylar packaging offers innovative packaging solutions for pre-roll joints and flowers.

Choose Your Packaging:

Ordering it can be complicated, no matter how old or new you are to custom cannabis packaging. How big do I need? What size do I need? What are the colors I can imprint? You might feel overwhelmed by the variety of packaging options. Don't worry, that's normal.

Please request a quote via our website to get your custom cannabis packaging. We will help you choose the suitable product packaging for you. We are available to help you find the best packaging solution, whether you already have the materials or not.

Mylar Bags Packaging:

Mylar packaging bags can be used for food storage, cannabis and are an excellent complement to vacuum sealing. Because of the thick foil laminate layer, mylar bag films have a meager Oxygen Transmission Ratio (OTR). Three layers of protection against moisture, light, and odor. Mylar is very flexible and thin but also strong and durable. It's puncture-resistant, lightweight, and easy to use. It will preserve all the nutrients in your food because of its opaque nature.

Mylar bags are sealed using a clamshell or impact heat sealer. A flat iron or hair straightener will work if you don't own one. Place the mylar bag and flat iron at the top. Then, you can tack it another couple of times. Next, slide the flat iron over the top to seal it. To check for air leakage, squeeze the bag gently. Use the flat iron to close it again if necessary.

Potential Uses Of Mylar Bags:

  • Long-term food storage in case of emergencies
  • Camping and hiking
  • Long-term storage of Flower and Marijuana
  • Medium-term storage of herbs and spices
  • Medical and pharmaceutical items

Four Effective Methods to Package Cannabis Flowers:

What makes one brand of flower more popular than another on a dispensary shelf?

Four proven elements are required for proper cannabis flower packaging.


Customers love to see the actual plant. Adequate packaging must provide customers with a way to view the product visually, regardless of whether it's the whole package or just a portion.


Customers are searching for the best cannabis flower when they peruse the shelves. Every strain is unique, and without proper packaging, the scents, flavors, and fairness are at risk. To preserve your product's freshness and integrity, protect it from excess sunlight and moisture.

Capacity to be Resealed

Although it is essential to keep your cannabis flower packages airtight, they are also resealable. Customers prefer to keep their original packaging as they go through their stash. Customers don't want flowers to lose their packaging or deteriorate after opening them for the first time.


Although child-resistant packaging may not be required everywhere, it is a standard feature of the top brands. Children are not allowed to get into the child-resistant packaging of flower packaging. Each state has its labeling requirements. Consumers feel more confident if they have suitable stickers and disclaimers.

Top 3 Packaging Types for Flowers:

These are the top ways cannabis businesses package their flowers to stand out on the shelves.

Glass Jars:

Glass packaging makes an attractive option for flowers. Glass packaging is transparent but can be opaque by adding a frosted or painted finish. Glass cannabis flower jars are child-resistant and seal well. Glass is not the only recyclable but also biodegradable. This makes it an environmentally friendly choice for cannabis flowers.

Pop Tops:

Pop Tops can be used to grow cannabis, marijuana, edibles, and small quantities of concentrates. Pop Tops are versatile and easy to store, making them an excellent way to carry cannabis flowers. These solid-colored plastic tubes are child-resistant and can be customized in any color. Although the surface area is small, it allows for adequate labeling using custom printing or stickers.

Mylar bags that smell good:

Smell-proof mylar bags are the best packaging option for cannabis flowers. Mylar bags come in many sizes and colors. Many have windows that allow you to see the product. They can also be child-resistant and resealable. Mylar bags are ideal for labeling with regulatory disclaimers because they offer a large surface area that can be customized.

Your customer will be reassured by reliable, adequate packaging that is legal and fresh. Customers will be drawn in by the branding of your packaging. The key to success is to balance aesthetics and quality.



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