Posted: Wed December 30 4:47 PM PST  
Business: Co-Founder
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It is such a treat to bridge the worlds of technology and cannabis! Having an influencer with the clout of Ellen Petry Leanse is a total benefit for the @420 Pitch community!   Thanks to Ellen for being a helpful and inspirational panelist in the December 9, 2015 @420 Pitch! 

What is Ellen's #1 Tip for Founders?  Find out here:

For more videos visit Co-Founder

I want to know all the ways that WeedClub can help connect legitimate cannabis businesses and customers with information, each other, goods, and tech.

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Fri August 25 4:12 AM PDT
Impressive innovation by Myra Box and QanTeq with the Vdab200! A full gram capacity for concentrates in a portable vaporizer is a game-changer. Can't wait to see how it outshines other options