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To have a healthy life is what everyone wants, but it may not be easy to keep up with the essential habits. A healthy lifestyle takes years to master on an ambitious individual or a determined mind.

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The average lifespan after 50 is estimated to be 14 years for men and 12 years for women when following healthy habits, as stated by AHA on Circulation in the 2018 journal. Thus, here are five good habits to help you maintain a healthy life.

Manage stress


Medical professionals are concentrating on finding the relationship between stress and its impact on the human body. Stress is the primary cause of headaches and stomach upset, resulting in high blood pressure and sleep trouble. The effect of stress on our health is yet to be clarified, but evidence suggests that stress management can help maintain good health. One thing is sure: managing stress brings about peace of mind. To manage stress, the stress trigger has to be rooted out.

Some stress triggers can be deadlines, busy days, and schedules, but other stressors like relationship crises can be hard to handle. One way to manage stress is by jotting down whatever causes that stress response, whether in work or life. If you are stressed, a good quality Cannabis Oil is said to have some relaxation effect on the body.


Jotting the stress trigger can help you understand how to deal with it while discovering other hidden stressors. Keep in mind that managing stress is not about eliminating stress triggers but having a way of fighting them. After all, stress cannot be avoided and is sometimes good for the body. You can manage stress by exercising, getting adequate sleep, and eating healthily.



Besides the impact of exercise on physical health, the process also boosts cardiovascular health, fights disease, and prevents internal and external injuries. Its effect on the cardiovascular system improves circulation, which equally distributes the functions of cells on the immune system functionality.


According to experts, a moderate of 150 minutes or intense 75 minutes of aerobic exercise each week can improve your cardiovascular system. For the muscular system, a weekly all-body workout with weights can help. Doing these activities twice or throughout the week will have an extraordinary effect. Nevertheless, you can participate in 30 minutes' workouts a week to keep fit when the day is busy.

Get some sleep


Inadequate sleep is the cause of a groggy day. Even with a few hours of sleep, the body will undergo a full day of stress like everyone else. Sleep is a way of refreshing and revamping the body from tiredness. The effect of sleep on a healthy person is not fully understood, but it helps restore and repair the body from wear and tear caused by daily stress.

Sleep positively affects the rate of growth and development in kids and teens while digesting information gathered from the previous day. Depriving yourself of sleep has damaging medical consequences such as kidney disease, high blood pressure, and heart disease.


Inadequate sleep also affects our mental well-being. The situation can lead to Alzheimer’s disease or increase pre-existing medical conditions in the body.

Most people try to replace a full sleep with napping. Napping helps the body restore its energy but not entirely. You can't replace sleep with a few minutes of napping. Professional advice is that adults should focus on having 7 to 8 hours of sleep while children should have 16 hours of sleep each day. To help with difficulty in sleeping, practice a regular and consistent sleeping and waking time each day. The routine should be consistent each day for a whole week to get acquainted with the plan.  

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Eat healthily


People have different biological systems when it comes to diet and nutrition. For instance, some individuals are allergic to lactose, while others’ ability to break down lactose can be incredible. The process is the rate at which a person can digest sugar content called lactose. Thus, the topic of healthy eating can be a complicated strategy to tackle. However, diet is the trending method of living a healthy life. For example, avoiding excess sugar and consuming more vegetables and fruits will benefit the body. They are also incorporating vitamins and minerals to help other relevant components.

Healthy cooking can be challenging, especially after a day's job. To this effect, many people are hung up on junk food. Some people try to motivate themselves by having a cookbook to create various diet options. Better still, planning and preparing your meal and store for the required time can help maintain healthy eating habits. You can prepare your meals on your day off, store them in the refrigerator and pick them up whenever you want. Having different dishes can maintain or span up an appetite.

Moderate alcohol intake


Excessive alcohol has damaging effects on our health, but it’s okay to have alcohol in moderation for pleasure and other benefits. Excessive alcohol can result in inflammation, the effect of cancer, and, consequently, heart diseases. Thus, CDC has implemented a guideline on ways to moderate alcohol consumption.

Alcohol has a significant impact on the quality and quantity of sleep if taken before bedtime. Some people may experience sleepiness after consuming alcohol, but the quality is not optimal. Alcohol can prevent the body from reaching the REM stage, restoring the body after a day’s work. This effect also impacts the mind and body, preventing full recovery and severe complications in an individual.

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Having a healthy lifestyle is the first way to gain good health. Following these mentioned ways to maintain habits to improve your health is essential. You can also search for more ways to keep your health, creating choices to follow. ma

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