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Operating a cannabis grow house requires you dealing with several materials such as electronic devices. To ensure your safety and that of your crops, it’s vital to note specific safety measures. For most people, taking the DIY approach to growing cannabis can be a fun and exciting endeavor. However, things can quickly take a dangerous turn if you don’t follow the correct procedures; there could be dire consequences such as fire outbreaks. 


So whether you’re growing for personal use or operating on a large scale, you can safeguard your equipment, weed, and even home with the following five tips. 

  1. Prioritize Electricity Safety

Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay


The best safety step you can take for electricity is to understand the basics of electrical wiring. One of the greatest dangers lies in overloading circuit boards, extension cords, and cables with too much equipment. If you have to splice wires, then it’s always better to go for a proper connector. Apart from that, you’ll have to invest in devices such as a high-quality switch power cord and circuit breakers. 


It’s basic knowledge that every plug your house has is on a circuit and can only take a specific amount of electricity. On the power box, you can find your grow room’s breaker. When you do, you’ll need to note down the ‘amps’ it can take. It should either be 15A or 20A. According to experts, the 20A circuits should take no more than 2400watts, while the 15A takes 1800 watts. 

  1. Avoid Any Mixes of Water And Electricity


Apart from electricity, your cannabis grow room requires water to maintain healthy crops. And whether you use automatic or manual watering systems, it’s possible water will collect in some places. Poodles and dripping water can be particularly hazardous because they can cause slips. Bacteria and mold can also find breeding grounds in such places. But these aren’t the most challenging issues; water happens to be an excellent conductor of electricity


Therefore, you’ll have to include a drip loop when running cables for your grow room. The drip loop ensures that condensed water remains at the lowest parts of the cable. Apart from this, water can destroy the insulation on wires, exposing the wires. This leads to short circuits and fire if any devices have no fuses. 

  1. Fire Prevention


The first step toward fire prevention is a neat and hygienic grow room. The room should be clean at all times with no trash left lying around. One vital thing to keep in mind is, avoid placing a bin inside the room. Instead, get yourself a lot of garbage bags; they are cheap and easily disposable. 


You can use a new one each time you visit your cannabis farm, and remember to carry it out when leaving. This might sound obvious but install smoke detectors and check their batteries every other day. Also, make sure the alarm can be heard from all rooms on your property. 

  1. Prepare For an Outbreak

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash


Though you’re better off preventing any possibilities of fire outbreak, it’s equally crucial to prepare for the worse. You should first put an ‘exit strategy’ in place. It’s vital to outline how you’ll get out of the building quickly. One thing that kills during a fire is the confusion associated with smoke. 


However, in such situations, every second count and hesitations can result in fatal consequences. Install alarms that can alert other rooms in the property and invest in a high-quality fire-resistant door for your cannabis grow house. Aside from this, a fire extinguisher is one of the first things to install. Here are the different types to consider: 


  • Extinguisher balls

  • Aerosol extinguisher

  • Handheld extinguisher

Get a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter


Several people die each year from electrocution in the U.S. Before introducing the Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI), about 800 deaths occur each year due to domestic electrical shocks. Today, the number has reduced significantly to about 200. The GFCI outlet monitors the power consumed by appliances, detects interruptions in current, and cuts off power, making it safer for your grow room. 



It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned grower or a beginner, safety protocols are vital, and you’ll have to implement them for your cannabis grow house. For cannabis users, the current legalization of cultivation comes as good news. The new regulations permit weed enthusiasts to grow marijuana at home. Operating a domestic grow house can be exciting and enjoyable. Nevertheless, inadequate safety precautions could end you in a lot of mess and, in a worst-case scenario, loss of lives and properties. By following the five safety measures above, you can ensure a smooth and safe experience growing cannabis. But you’ll need proper equipment and strategy to handle any emergencies. 

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