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CBD: The Role It Plays In Building Immunity 


Pandemic issues aside, having a robust immune system has always been a critical part of our life — we just haven’t given it as much importance as we have over the past year. We come across various bacteria, infections, diseases, and viruses that our body needs to combat every day. 


We build a healthy immunity in several ways, such as eating a diet rich in fruit and vegetables, being active, and taking vaccine shots. Immunity also strengthens when we avoid harming our bodies with cigarettes, drugs, and sleep deprivation.


If you want to take your immunity to the next level, a natural compound on the market can help you do so, thanks to how it affects the body’s inner mechanisms. 

What Is Cannabinol?


Cannabinol (CBD) has been around for thousands of years, but only recently has it risen in popularity, mainly thanks to its legalization in all US states and other countries. Although CBD comes from the same plant family as marijuana, the two differ in one critical component. Marijuana can contain up to 30 percent THC and cause users to get high. Hemp-derived CBD has less than 0.3 percent THC.


Hence, there’s no risk of getting high, paranoid or overdosing from CBD. Researchers have been gathering data on this natural compound. While the studies are limited, they have observed the potential benefits CBD has for several chronic and mental health diseases ranging from anxiety to depression, cancer, insomnia, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and more. 


Thanks to these early findings and its legalization, users can now enjoy high-quality CBD products.  One can find CBD in many forms, from edibles to oil tinctures, CBD oil capsules, skin care products, and balms. Other way to CBD is to inhale it by using 5mm bongs. 

How does immunity work?


Before learning about CBD’s role in our immunity, you must learn how your immune system works. The system comprises critical bodily functions ranging from tissues, cells, and organs that communicate to defend the body from harmful cells. 


The system operates with the help of white blood cells divided into two — the lymphocytes and the phagocytes. The goal of lymphocytes also referred to as T-cells and B-cells, is to destroy foreign substances or antigens and harmful toxins from the system.

Phagocytes work to neutralize the harmful cells to prevent them from causing more damage. 

Our immune system will then conduct apoptosis. Also known as cell death, apoptosis is when the system rids the body of the bad cells to stop them from duplicating and forming tumors. 

CBD’s role for the immune system


CBD works through the endocannabinoid system (ECS)- an essential bodily function that manages critical operations such as appetite, fertility, mood, pain, sleep, and body temperature. The ECS uses its CB1 and CB2 receptors to promote homeostasis — optimal balance — in the body. 


Researchers are yet to understand how CBD affects the ECS’s receptors, but they have noted that these natural compounds signal receptors to promote change in the body. For example, one study shows how CBD can signal the receptors to release more serotonin in the body and infuse users with a sense of well-being. It is the reason many CBD users note how this natural compound has helped lower their anxiety. 


When it comes to immunity, researchers have already observed five significant ways CBD can be of benefit.


CBD for anti-inflammation


Inflammation is an essential healing process, but it is not suitable for the tissues and organs when it turns chronic. Autoimmune disorders, untreated infections, diabetes, cancer, asthma, and other conditions can all cause chronic inflammation and lead to oxidative stress. CBD can help manage inflammation by lowering the inflammatory action activated by the immune system. 

CBD for cellular death


For harmful cells, apoptosis is a critical process that needs to happen for the body to be protected. In a significant study conducted in 2009, researchers noted how CBD could help promote cellular death to protect the body from immune cells. 


CBD for cytokines


CBD plays a double role for cytokines. The latter are large groups of protein released into the immune system. They are essential as they promote communication with the molecules, and they are critical for inflammation and white blood cell production. CBD helps by signaling the receptors to release more cytokines in the body. However, it can also block their production when the body produces too many white blood cells. 

CBD for cellular growth


Cellular growth or proliferation is a necessary process that needs to happen when the body has suffered significant cell loss because of an illness or an injury. However, when the process of cellular growth becomes overactive, it can lead to tumors. CBD can help by inhibiting the spread of HUVEC


CBD for T-cells


CBD can also help by managing how T-cells work in the body, especially when they become overactive. T-cells are essential for the immune system to function optimally, but they can cause unnecessary cellular death if they become overactive. 


CBD is not a magic potion that will prevent us from ever getting sick. However, it can be used as a tool with other healthy habits to keep our bodies safe from unnecessary illness. 


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