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The vaping industry is now one of the lucrative industries. Each year the industry undergoes exponential growth. Thus, many brands are developing more vaping products such as portable vaporizers which has created an influx in the market.

Finding the best portable vaporizer these days can be an uphill task since they are so many. This article looks at the best portable vaporizers (tested and reviewed).


The mighty creates vapor whose quality matches that of most high-quality desktop vaporizers. The hits from the vape device are usually smooth and full of flavor.  

When it comes to user-friendliness, the mighty is among the easiest portable vaporizers in the market. It features a screen that displays all the information including the temperature set and up and down button to set/ control the temperature.

The safety profile of the mighty is great. The portable vaporizer has a feature that shuts it off automatically just in case you forget.

Before 2018, the Mighty already had one of the best battery lives of all portable vaporizers. During that year, the vape device’s battery life was updated by more than 20%. You can now use a fully charged Mighty continuously for up to two hours without recharging it. This awesome battery life can last you for a whole weekend. Additionally, the portable vaporizer features pass-through charging meaning that you can charge it while using it.

The mighty uses both convection and conduction heating techniques

 Firefly 2+.

Many people love the Firefly 2+ because it heats up in a few seconds and produces a cool and thick flavor. It features up to six temperature settings ranging between 338° and 437° Fahrenheit which you get your ideal vapor density.

Firefly 2+ is among the most advanced portable vaporizer. All the controls including temperature settings are done using a smartphone app (Firefly app) that is integrated with the device.  

The battery life and charging of Firefly 2+ have seen notable improvements in recent years. It now takes only 20 minutes to charge the battery from zero to 80%.  

Firefly 2+ uses the convection heating technique that delivers the best vapor quality.

Arizer Solo 2.

Going for a fair price, Arizer Solo 2 is among the best portable vaporizers in the market today. Its battery life is impressive. When fully charged, you can continuously use the device for three hours without any recharge.  

its hybrid ceramic/ stainless steel system heats your concentrate, creating thick and tasty vapor. The long glass air path on the portable vaporizer helps cool down the vapor before it reaches you.

Arizer Solo 2 heats up in 20 seconds which is exceptionally good for you especially when you are in a hurry. The temperature controls on the vape device are digital, sleek, and very user friendly.

Pax 3.  

Pax 3 features a lot of technology but still keeps a very portable size. It only weighs about 93 grams. The technology includes using lip sensing technology to tell when you want to use it. Once you place your lips on the mouthpiece, the vape device will automatically start heating the chamber. It only takes 15 to 20 seconds to heat the chamber to the ideal temperature.

The portable vaporizer utilizes a conduction oven but still delivers quality vapor with a nice flavor.

The battery of Pax 3 can be used last for one and a half hours when used continuously. It is charged via an innovative dock.

Davinci IQ/ MIQRO.

The super sleek design and the cute LED grid display on the Davinci IQ make it one of the most coveted portable vaporizers. the vape device is not only based on looks but also its performance is exemplary.

Despite it having a conduction heating system, its ceramic heating chamber creates a high-quality and tasty vapor. The portable vaporizer also features a flavor chamber which enables you to vaporize your concentrate (dry herbs) without grinding them.

Davinci IQ/ MIQRO weighs about 145 grams (about half the weight of a can of soup). You can easily carry it in your pocket alongside your phone or wallet.

Its battery life is average as it can last for about an hour if used continuously. However, the battery is replaceable. Thus, you can carry an extra one.


Experts highly rate the portable vaporizers above to be among the best. Nevertheless, the list of best portable vaporizers is endless. Many brands are being innovative in the design of new portable vaporizers.




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