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Whether you’re a veteran or novice cannabis user, you might have heard a series of myths about some of its effects. While there are plenty of false stereotypes like how pot users are lazy or couch potatoes, some can be true. Another one is how people who use cannabis laugh often and for longer.

Do you find your smoking session with friends turns into a comedy club every time? Are you wondering why you laugh so much after using cannabis? If you are looking for these answers, then you’ve reached the right place. Read on to find out why pot makes you laugh.



What Is Pot?

Pot, weed, marijuana are all just different names for the same cannabis plant. Cannabis is a herb that originated from the Southeast Asian subcontinent centuries ago. It was used both for medicinal and recreational reasons. Today, it is popular and readily available throughout the world.

The plant contains chemical compounds, scientifically called cannabinoids. CBD or Cannabidiol and THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol are the two very important cannabinoids in cannabis and while CBD is a therapeutic and non-psychoactive element, THC is a relaxant and induces a mind-altering high.

  1. have been smoking the flowers or buds of the cannabis plant for decades, but you can now find it in various forms. You can vape it, consume cannabis-based edibles, and even use topicals. If you want to use top-quality and affordable cannabis you can buy cheap cannabis seeds from High Supplies.

Why Do You Laugh After Using Pot?

Laughing is a purely biological reaction that commonly gets amplified while you are using cannabis. If you are wondering why it makes you smile or laugh, read on and find out.

1. Cannabis Can Alter Your Perception

Have you ever noticed your thoughts changing after you have smoked pot? Maybe you can come up with creative ideas or funny jokes? If yes, then it is because cannabis can help you get a detached perception of things. The phenomenon helps you understand the world from a different point of view.

  1. happens because when you are high, the cannabinoids affect the right hemisphere of your brain, which governs your cognition. This area of the brain receives an increased blood flow that can be the reason behind the laugh riot after pot.


2. May Improve Your Mood

Many people believe that cannabis plays a significant role in improving your mood. Your body contains an endocannabinoid system, which regulates various bodily processes. It can control your mood, sleeping schedule, appetite, immune system, and much more. It produces neurotransmitters, or cannabinoids to achieve that. Using the right cannabis seeds for your homegrown plant is assured to bring out these amazing effects during the smoke sessions.

These cannabinoids communicate with the receptors present in cells, hormones, and organs to initiate change in the body. The natural cannabinoids made inside your body and the ones you get from cannabis are the same.

When you do pot, you inhale the cannabinoids CBD and THC among hundreds of other chemical compounds. These cannabinoids interact with your endocannabinoid system and may help improve your mood and make you feel better.

  1. is a hormone that can regulate your mood. The cannabinoids can also change how the chemicals in your brain react to serotonin levels. An increased level of serotonin implies that you are happy and laughing. You can make use of these benefits by getting your hands on the products from a marijuana dispensary near you.


3. Might Reduce the Effects of Negative Stimuli:

Besides making you laugh, cannabis can also decrease your sensitivity towards negative thoughts and emotions. The cannabinoid THC is psychoactive and can induce a euphoric high. When you consume the herb abundant in THC, it may help relax your body and mind.

The high may also make you less prone to negative thoughts. A study shows that people under the influence of THC were less likely to get affected by angry or negative pictures. It is an amazing way to get along and make friends by traveling to some of the top destinations where cannabis is popular.


4. Laughter is Contagious

Besides being a common saying, it is also an actual fact that laughter is contagious. While you may have heard it plenty of times, you might not have realized the extent of it. When you are in the company of someone who is angry, it might impact your mental state as well. On the contrary, when you are around happy people, you tend to feel calm and joyful.

Now the question that you need to ask yourself is, do you smoke alone or with your group of friends? If your answer is with friends, that can be one of the reasons why your smoking session always leads to endless giggling.




Final Thoughts

Cannabis is becoming increasingly popular today for its medicinal properties. Whether your aim is recreational or medical, you can enjoy a series of benefits that the herb can offer. Coupled with cannabis, laughter can also contribute to your physical and mental well-being.

If you or people around you smoke cannabis regularly, you must be familiar with the happy faces, witty jokes, and never-ending laughter. While you may consider it a side-effect or not, laughing while doing pot can do you much good and make your smoking sessions fun.


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