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Since its inception, vaporizers or e-cigarettes have been evolving continuously. From the conventional cigarette-like device to vape pens, and now pod vaped, both the technology and product are on a flux. While the vaping industry is changing, the latest trend to pop up is nicotine salts’ introduction. The vaping enthusiasts are now using vape juice that contains nicotine salts for a better experience.

Are you wondering what nicotine salts are and how they can improve your vaping journey? Read on to find out all you must know about this new vaping trend.

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What are the two types of vape juice?

Vape juice, e-juice, or e-liquid, there are many different names, but they are all the same. It is a liquid that goes into your electronic vaporizer. The device will heat the liquid to produce vapor that you can inhale to enjoy the effects. Some of them may even help you fight different conditions. If you want to start vaping, you first need to invest in the CBD vape juice for insomnia.

E-juice can contain water, flavor, vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, and lastly, nicotine. You can find two types of vape juices today, let’s find out what they are:

  1. Freebase vape juice

  1. freebase vape juices are the traditional ones. They contain nicotine in the purest form, similar to what the manufacturers use in cigarettes. A freebase vape juice has a 70:30 ratio of Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG). It produces massive clouds of smoke that can fill up your lungs and gives you an enjoyable experience.
  1. Salt-based vape juice

Salt-based vape juice is the result of innovation in the vaping arena. Instead of the standard nicotine, this vape juice contains nicotine salts. The salt includes a unique ingredient called Benzoic Acid, which helps you have a smoother experience. It enables you to enjoy a higher quantity of nicotine in each drag while removing the chance of a definite throat hit or coughing. Nicotine salts can also ensure that you enjoy a more vibrant flavor that lasts for long. You can also find CBD options that go well with these salts. In fact, there are a number of CBD vape benefits you can get from such combinations.

Why should you vape nicotine salts?

Nicotine salts have managed to become a rage among the vaping lovers today, and it is for all the right reasons. Here are some reasons why you must use vape juice with nicotine salts:

  1. Higher nicotine level

If you have been smoking for years, but are now making a holistic lifestyle change to vaping, you might enjoy nicotine salts more. Wondering why? It is so because the salts are much smoother to your throat, and you can get more nicotine with every puff you take.

  1. A smoother throat hit

The most significant benefit of vaping nicotine salts is that it offers a smoother throat hit. It moderates the excess alkalinity of a freebase nicotine vape juice using acid, and the resulting form of nicotine is much closer to the pH level of your body. It can reduce irritation, coughing, burning, and discomfort.

  1. Great portability of vape juice

If you are always worrying about carrying a back-up bottle of vape juice, you can let go of the stress. In salt-based vape juice, each milliliter of liquid contains more milligrams of nicotine, which can ensure that even a smaller bottle will last longer. Whether you are hitting a party or planning to go for an overnight trip, you don’t have to worry about taking extra bottles of vape juice.


  1. Cost-effective

Nicotine salts are compatible with smaller-pod type devices that are much more economical than the more extensive sub-ohm cigarettes. You can get a device for less money if you wish to use nicotine salts. They also use lesser vape juice, which becomes cost-effective in the long run.

  1. Lower vaping frequency

Since you get a smoother hit with more nicotine in every puff, the vaping frequency will decrease. While vaping is already considered 95% safer than smoking, reducing the rate more will do you right.

  1. More discreet

Vaporizers in pod-style are much more discreet, and nicotine salt doesn’t produce big clouds of vapor. It can prove beneficial for you if you want to vape in public.

  1. Longer shelf life

  1. present in your vape juice is prone to oxidation if left for long. While the nicotine is breaking down, it will lose the intensity, and you might not enjoy the experience as much. It is not the case with nicotine salts, as nicotine is in salt form and cannot oxidize, which increases the shelf life.

What are the disadvantages of using nicotine salts?

Like every other thing, nicotine salts also come with a few disadvantages.

  1. Need to buy a new device

Sub-ohm devices tend to work well between 3 and 12 milligrams of nicotine per milliliter. Nicotine salts offer levels of 25mg, 35mg, and 50mg, which a sub-ohm device cannot support. You will have to invest in a pod-style vaporizer to enjoy nicotine salts.

  1. Increase the risk of addiction

Since you will be consuming a higher nicotine level daily, you are increasing your dependence on it. It is not ideal for those planning to quit nicotine.


Final Thoughts

The introduction of nicotine salts has managed to transform the vaping industry. They come in a myriad of flavors, offer a substantial hit with more nicotine, and allow discretion, making it a favorite among the vaping enthusiasts. If you haven’t already, now is the time to try nicotine salt based vape juice to enhance your vaping experience. Check out more such interesting content at Kulture Hub.

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