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Nobody wants to get their CBD-infused gummies to go stale and inedible. But how do you store gummies so they stay safe & fresh? This is one of the major concerns of people who consume gummies now and then. Most of us prefer to enjoy these candies over a period of time. Thus, making it important to store them effectively so that they last long without their quality being decreased.

With the increasing consumption and rising market of CBD-infused gummies, people & stores buy them wholesale. They are growing popular as they are delicious, different, and convenient to consume. Reasons for buying them may be different for everyone, but effective ways to store is a concern to everyone. If you are unable to finish them in a short time,  you should be aware of the useful methods to keep them from degrading. Once they degrade, the only option is to throw them. Follow the suggestions below to know the average life of CBD and THC-based gummies and handy options to store them.

Average Shelf Life

The average lifespan of gummies is said to be 6 to 8 months, depending on how they are stored. Unlike common gummy brands, go for better options like Organic Delta 8 gummies, which are made without the use of animal byproducts. This helps its consumers to store it for the long term.

If you have recently stocked up your stash, you must be searching for the best way to preserve your candies too. The life of gummies depends on several factors including:

  • types of ingredients used
  • storage conditions
  • packaging material
  • temperature processed under
  • preparation method used

The knowledge of these factors can help you to understand how to store gummies so they stay safe & fresh. Unfortunately, the candies will go bad if not taken protective measures to properly store them.  They are needed to be stored in cool and dry areas but you must be aware of how? Storing them for later is a great way to balance your consumption. Try these options to keep your gummies safe & fresh, just like the day you bought them.

1. Refrigerate or Deep Freeze Them:

CBD gummies are to be kept in a cool place as they last longer if stored there. Refrigerators are a great place to keep your gummies fresh for a couple of weeks or more. But make sure that they are packed in an airtight packing, where the moisture cannot enter. In other CBD products like butter or oils, freezing them can help you store them for the long term.

Also, make sure to freeze them as soon as you buy them as snacks frozen at a good quality taste better than those frozen at a later stage.

2. Moisture & Humidity can act as Venom for Gummies:

Moisture & humidity comes hand in hand and plays a vital role in degrading the candies. Storing them in moderate to low humidity is advised. Humidity makes them prone to moisture which can, in turn, lead to contamination. Note that too much moisture will increase the risk of contamination and too little moisture can lead the THC to dry out, making them harsh and not effective.

3. Put them in Sealed & Labelled Jar:

Try to keep them away from the reach of kids and your pets. People have often mistaken them as normal edibles that's why labeling them helps other people to know what is inside the sealed jar. Airtight and opaque jars should be used to store Organic Delta 8 Gummies as they prevent wet air and light to get in, increasing the life of the THC-infused edibles.

4. Dark Places are suitable to keep them fresh:

Avoid keeping them on a window that receives a lot of sunlight, as light can break down the natural cannabinoids. Store the gummies in a dark place as exposure to light can cause the infused THC to melt and degrade the quality. Though the refrigerators are dark while shut, try to keep them in an opaque jar or container to strictly avoid their contact with light. Dark places prevent them from premature decay.

5. Keep them Away from Bugs:

Because sweets and candies attract bugs in general., look around for a place where the bugs cannot reach them. Although it is a minor risk but should be taken care of while storing the gummies for the long term. Bugs can contaminate the candies and can degrade them real quick. Clean and dark places are ideal for such a cause.

Taking proper measures to store THC gummies is essential to get the most out of them. These tips are helpful to store gummies so they stay safe for long. Organic Delta 8 gummies are generally expensive. You need to follow these tips to avoid the risk of getting them and your invested money go waste.

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