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Dabbing has been around for many years, and its popularity continues to grow. It's the process of taking concentrated substances using a dab tool. If you’re new to dabbing, you must know which dabbing temperature suits you.


Some users prefer high temp dabbing, and others enjoy taking it slow by going for the low temp dabbing. Since choosing between the two is more of a personal preference, understanding what each has to offer will enable you to make a better decision.


Here is how high temp dabbing differs from the low temp dabbing;

High Temp Dabbing vs. Low Temp Dabbing

Dabbing and vaping are popular yet different processes. Much like in dabbing, you need high-quality vape juice, and getting the best selling epods brings you closer to a bold vaping experience. Dabbing uses highly concentrated substances burnt at low to high temperatures.


Enjoying the concentrate happens in three steps- applying it on the dab tool, heating the nail, and inhaling the vapor. But, the temperature of heat affects the quality of vapor and the high you get. That’s why finding an ideal temperature is crucial.


High temperatures can combust the oils, and low temp may vaporize the concentrates. The boiling point of the dab oil is below 400℉. So applying high temperatures above 400℉ means, you may destroy some of these components and reduce the flavor. Having top quality innokin coils for your devices come in handy here.


However, some users enjoy the intense euphoria that they get with high-temp dabs, here’s how the two temperatures compare:

Low Temp Dabbing

Low temp dabbing is a process of heating the dab nail at an extremely low temperature of 300 degrees. A carb cap is normally used to trap heat, melt, and catch the vapor from escaping from the nail.


Low temperature enables you to get the extract flavor and is less irritating on the lungs. Furthermore, you get to use all dab concentrate because the nail prevents it from burning. This means that you will have a more flavorful dab concentrate.

For the dab enthusiasts who want to experience leisurely, low dabbing may be more satisfying. As long as you use the appropriate tools and have the necessary knowledge, you can’t go wrong with dabbing.

Pros of low temp dabbing

  • It gives the user a flavorful and satisfying experience since the extracts will be released at lowers temperatures. Besides, they come in different flavors, and you can only experience it with the low temp dabbing.
  • No harmful chemicals are released when heating.
  • The extract flavor is less overwhelming. It’s also smooth and can last for a long time.
  • Does not burn the throat.

Cons of low temp dabbing

  • Not every user likes or enjoys the flavor of the low temp dab.
  • The extract does not completely evaporate due to the low heating; hence residues remain in the nail.
  • You need to purchase a carb cap if you want to prevent wastage of oil and make the nail retain the heat for a longer time.
  • The whole process is a bit slow.

High Temp Dabbing

High temp dabbing involves nail heating at higher temperatures of 900 degrees. It’s a quick process that only requires you to place your dab on the titanium nail and inhale. An advantage of high temp dabbing is that all the substances in the extracts reach the boiling points.

High temp burns the extracts and extricates carcinogens. It’s, therefore, preferable that you heat the nail until it glows red. Generally, high temp dabbing is convenient, especially for experienced dabbers.

Pros of high temp dabbing

  • High temp dabbing brings out a concentrate that is much better than anything. Its flavor is highly intense and has a burnt aftertaste. Though dab enthusiasts may enjoy the instant hit, its taste is not everyone’s preference.
  • The wax on the nail disappears once it comes in contact with a hot titanium nail. Therefore, little residue remains on the nail hence less wastage.
  • The process is quick; hence you can get your hits within the shortest time possible.
  • High temp dabbing doesn’t require a carb cap since the extract evaporates in seconds.

Cons of high temp dabbing

  • Excessive consumption of the dabbing concentrate can be harmful.
  • High temp dab is not suitable for everyone, more so the beginners.
  • Might taste burnt and too smoky

High Temp Dabbing or Low Temp Dabbing: Which One Is The Best?

Dab temperature is a matter of personal preference. Some users prefer high-temperature dabs, while others like low-temperature dabs. However, the temperature impacts the taste and high. So as you start, you may want to try different temperatures as you establish the right one.

Choosing between high and low temperatures narrows to what you prefer when dabbing. If enjoying the taste or flavor matters to you, then go for low-temperature dabbing. But if you are after the intense rush of dab oil, you’re better off with high-temp dabbing.


Another thing that influences your choice is your experience level. If you’re new to dabbing, you would want to start with lower temperatures and work your way up as you gain experience. The goal is to find the temperature that suits you most. So, regardless of your preference, starting low is a must.


Dabbing is all about consuming small amounts of vaporized and concentrated drugs. The key purpose of dab is to improve user experience and make it flavorful.

So once you learn and understand the importance of temperature dabbing, there is a possibility that your next experience is going to be enjoyable.

Both high and low temp dabbing comes with different benefits and effects on the users. The process also requires different types of equipment. Therefore, the method you choose depends on your needs. You should, however, consider the effects of temperature dabbing.

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