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When it comes to the best way of consuming marijuana, the answer will largely depend on who you ask. While most consumers will have a “scientific” and in-depth explanation of why they do things the way they do, the truth is, it’s a matter of personal preference. 


These days, we have a lot of options to choose from. We can smoke, vape, consume edibles, use bongs, and pipes, etc. Still, smoking weed is the most common way of getting high, and it might be quite some time until that changes. 


You can order everything from paper to cheap e-juices online these days, but what do you get? Which is the best way to smoke weed?


We’re going to discuss the three traditional ways of smoking marijuana prominent around the globe. These are the joint, the spliff, and the blunt. People often use these terms interchangeably, but they are all separate things as we’re going to demonstrate here along with some upsides and downsides to each. 



Ok, so most of us believe that we exactly know what a joint is. Well, being that this term became globally accepted at some point, there are a lot of misnomers out there.


An authentic joint is made up of rolling paper, cannabis, and a filter sometimes referred to as a crutch (basically what turns into a roach at the end). That’s the true definition of a joint. Due to the widespread nature of this term among consumers and non-consumers alike, we can see it being used more as a term describing a general weed-smoking technique involving rolling.


The rolling paper used is usually white, but this doesn’t need to be the case. These days you can find rolling paper in lots of colors, so there are no rules here. The filter can be made of paper, or there are pre-manufactured filters you can buy. Some of them come with flavors as well if you are into that kind of thing. 


An interesting thing about filters is that people tend to have their preference in terms of shape that the filter is rolled in. It’s not for any functional purpose, merely for expression, and there are some wacky ones out there!



This type of rolling is the one most commonly confused with the joint. It’s no wonder, as the only difference between a joint and a spliff is the fact that you add some weed and some tobacco into the rolling paper. 


You can add just a little tobacco, only so you facilitate the burning of the weed, or you can add more tobacco, so you get that flavorful smoke.  


The exact ratio of weed to tobacco depends on the individual preference and the potency of the weed. There are also tobacco substitutes you can use if you’re not really into smoking tobacco. 


On top of all that, mixing marijuana seeds with tobacco (or one of the substitutes), a much cheaper ingredient, helps your stash remain nice and fat for longer periods. 



Now, out of the three traditional ways to smoke weed, the blunt differs the most. The blunt (or cigar rolling paper) is made from whole tobacco leaves, and to complete the blunt, we add weed and roll it up. 


The blunt has its specific flavor, as the entire smoking paper is made of tobacco. It may be too aggressive for some people, but you can always use some kind of filter to make it a bit more palatable. 


Blunt smoking is an entirely different experience and a more robust option that can withstand being carried around in a pocket or a backpack for a long while. Still, the cigar-like experience isn’t for everyone, and you shouldn’t feel as if this is the “true way to smoke weed”. 


Strong tobacco elements are known to pack quite a punch, and the experience of smoking weed from a blunt is quite different from smoking a joint. 


Which One is Best?

Well, it depends on what you’re looking for. There are some advantages to each of them, and people enjoy smoking marijuana in many different ways, so it’s impossible to be objective here.


Our suggestion is, sit down and try some in each variety and see what you like best. 


Don’t do all three types of testing on one sitting as you’ll lose objectivity after the first. Whatever you like best – go for it. We do advise sticking to mixing weed with tobacco or a substitute if you are on a budget.  


Weed rolling is turning out to be an art form of sorts as it develops. There are numerous examples of people rolling incredible spliffs, joints, and blunts into outrages shapes and symbols. The trick is to maintain functionality – your joint might look fancy, but if it doesn’t work, then what’s the point?

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