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The millennial youth is obsessed with one passing trend or another. However, some trends have had a positive effect. One of the most popular fast emerging trends is vaping, which is seen as a substitute for the older nicotine cousin – the cigarette. 

Vaping has become increasingly popular with stylish comfortable to carry vape pens, boxes, vaporizer units, making it easy and convenient for you to vape on without the danger of posing a health hazard. However, vaping devices are usually a bit high on cost and need proper and regular maintenance.

One of the essential parts of having an excellent vaping experience is to know how to dismantle and clean the device now and then. However, not everybody is adequately aware of the things that must be borne in mind while cleaning. Thus, we list some essentialities and things to remember on your path to becoming a vaping veteran.

1. Maintaining the E-Liquid Proportionately

An excellent vaping experience hinges on the proportion of e-liquid in your tank. Too much or too little is bound to ruin the feel of it. It would be best if you did not let your tank run dry, and likewise, it shouldn't be filled to the brim either. However, while cleaning, you must remember to empty the tank's contents in a separate storage space. Always remember to store the e-liquid in a cool dark place without any exposure to heat or sunlight. 


Studies have shown that exposure to sunlight causes the molecules of the e-liquid to interact with the UV rays making it unfit for consumption. Furthermore, exposure to sunlight or heat may result in the thinning of the liquid and affect its viscosity. Refrigeration can be considered for a temporary solution, but storing it in cupboards corners is more advisable for the long term.


2. Maintaining the Mouthpiece in Perfect Conditions

Like the E-Liquid, the Mouthpiece is the vital component of the device. It guarantees the flavor reaches you well when you pull the vape. An essential factor to consider while storing Mouthpiece is its ability to get dirty out and block the pull flow. If you do not want your vape to taste burnt and smoky, remove the Mouthpiece and clean it well. It is also crucial that you use the right vape made for a specific kind of vaping. If you are looking to use it for dry herbs, then it is best to check out these herbal weed vaporizers for sale instead of going for a regular vaporizer.

This is because the Mouthpiece is more likely to contain sediments and lined with dirt and other materials. This reduces the efficiency of the device and the pull.  The Mouthpiece must be cleaned with a tissue or paper towel to remove the lining of the dirt. After that, you must rinse it with warm water, and a few drops of alcohol should do the trick. Let it air dry for 10-15 minutes after cleaning it.


3. Keeping the Vaporizer Safe

Ideally, a storage case is the best place to keep the vaporizer safe while traveling or when it is not used for an extended period. However, regardless of whether you possess one, store it in a place in such a manner so that the Mouthpiece and other components are not blocked with dirt. This will have a  bearing on the airway. 

Furthermore, while cleaning the vaporizer, make sure to use a Q-tip to clean small entries and points with a damp paper towel.  The vaporizer is a bit tacky to dismantle; therefore, one needs only to remove the vaporizer and the atomizer from there. Wiping with alcohol is a strict no-no. It would be best if you are mindful of using only damp towels with a little dishwashing liquid. Make sure to air dry it before further usage.


4. Maintaining the Vape Coil Safely

The vape coil is vital for the smooth functioning flavorsome experience. A vape coil should last typically one or two weeks. While cleaning makes sure, the vape coil doesn't get wet. However, most e-liquids leave a thin layer of residue or dirt that needs to be adequately cleaned after removing the device. 

Regular cleaning ensures that a vape coil lasts long, and the pull is flavorsome and full. Make sure you wipe the atomizer too, as there might be some dirt that clogs it. The next act after cleaning is to prime the coil and the atomizer and allow it to stay upright and soaked in the liquid for a considerable amount of time. Doing this will help you get the best out of vape juice in your vape pen. CBD vape juice that works with these vape pen will not disappoint you with their top quality flavors and fragnance.


5. Ensuring Proper Battery Care

The best way to ensure proper battery care for your vape device is to make sure that it is switched off after use. Although it may seem simple enough, most people tuck away their devices after use leading to frequent drainage of battery. 

Another critical thing to remember is not to let the battery near the water while cleaning. For this, make sure the battery is removed and stored away while cleaning. Another major mistake most people commit is overtightening. Overtightening damages the threading and makes the device unfit for further dismantling or cleaning. 

Remember to tighten just enough to fix the component securely. Frequent damages to the battery, improper care while handling, etc., may be other reasons that must be borne in mind for ensuring proper battery care.

The Bottom Line

Vaping may sound an extremely trendy affair, and while you might want to try it one time, make sure you take adequate care in handling it. The rookie mistakes we make can cost you a vape pen or two, but you can be sure of prolonging an exhilarating experience with the proper care and maintenance.

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