Posted: Wed September 14 2:20 PM PDT  
Member: michael davis
Tags: ptsd, oligodendroglioma, hco

I see so sclearly the inability to serve two masters concept.  I want no 'effect' but I love killing glioma cells.  My copy of Manuel Guzzman's study in how RSO/Cannabis best ends glioma cells befuddled me as much as trying to convert Mr. Simpson's recipe results into anHCO serving.  Rick says 60-90 grams consumed over a 90-120 day period, I ended up at like 21 ounces of a mixure of  CBD oil and THC oil.  I'm still No Evidence of recurrent Disease. and for the last 2 days I've not had any of the symptoms that led to the PTSD diag.  So I'd like to stretch this run of good days out for about 7-14 then work toward the concept of minimum effective dose and massively increase PT and cardio.


cessante causa cessat et effectus When the cause ceases, so does the effect

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