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WeedClub thinks that Cannabis companies ought to be treated the same as Silicon Valley Tech companies.  

We are proud to foster the cross-polination of Tech and Weed.  

Watch 10 diverse companies pitch to a 3 Member Tech Panel & a 3 Member Cannabis Panel.  

Here is the recap from our September 10, 2015 @420 Pitch By Friends in High Places®

Special thanks to 7X7 Magazine for their Coverage of the Event

4min 20sec @420 Pitch by WeedClub Highlights

And, Watch a Full 2 Hours of @420 Pitch by WeedClub goodness

Join our Pitch Portal at -- please do not hesitate to contact me for introductions to the @420 Pitch event participants. Co-Founder

I want to know all the ways that WeedClub can help connect legitimate cannabis businesses and customers with information, each other, goods, and tech.

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