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Hi Cannabis Information Sharers,

Are you still posting photos on Instagram?

How about posting news and information on Facebook- do you still do that? Well, I can see why have been lured in, but eventually Facebook/Instagram will stick it to You -- and not in a good way. Members enjoy an easy to use blog system that works just like Wordpress for Weed. All of the social networks you want to share to are embedded into your posts - which looks like this:

 EasySharingatWeedClub you can disseminate your information across the digital planet. Post your content once on your WeedClub Blog and then share it.

It is easy to create blog posts with our simple editor, which looks like this:

The good news is that nobody at WeedClub will censor your content.  Facebook/Instagram eventually will because they have already proven this by shutting down Berner's account and Harborside Health Center amongst others.

So, why you are stemming your news, photos, and other information from Facebook or Instagram should be a mystery to you by now.

Here are 6 Reasons Why You Should Immediately Start Using the WeedClub Blog System:

  1. Trust. When a media platform is run by one of your own, you and your Company can trust that your content will not be removed or altered on  a whim. 
  2. Targeted Audience. WeedClub's audience is 100% qualified & interested in your content. 
  3. Virality. Easy sharing over the social networks that will eventually disable your shares. When they do, your business won't miss a beat because your content lives on your Blog.  Comments are enabled on your blog as well.
  4. It's Free. We will comp your access to Blog.
  5. Unified Social Media Marketing. All your social sharing in one place.
  6. Attribution. Authors on WeedClub Blogs are credited in every post. The author attribution links back to the author's profile, helping to increase influence.

Want to read more Blog posts? Visit & please contact us if you have any questions. Co-Founder

I want to know all the ways that WeedClub can help connect legitimate cannabis businesses and customers with information, each other, goods, and tech.

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