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Dear Cannabis Industry Professionals,

I am pleased to announce the additions of Facebook Sign-In and LinkedIn Sign-In to Friends in High Places!

Back when we launched WeedClub, in September 2014, we were super cautious about connecting any third party apps to our disruptive eco-system.  We had taken extra steps to disconnect.. actually.  

People and Startups are pouring in to WeedClub.  So, why not make it faster and easier to both Sign-Up and Sign-In to our professional cannabis community?  That's what we did.

So, when you see these buttons:


... Do not worry. Your data and communications are still Safe at WeedClub!

Here's 5 Reasons Not To Worry:

  1. WeedClub is one of You.
  2. Our logs are purged and our Messaging System has no record of the content of your communications- ever. We don't know what you are chatting about and don't have access to the content of your communications. 
  3. WeedClub's Secure Double-Relay Messaging System is still detached from any social networks. 
  4. We won't censor your Blog posts, Profile, Photos, Job Listings etc. like how mainstream corporate types do.  ​​
  5. Perceptions of the cannabis industry are evolving throughout the world now, as citizens see the truth-- That Weed is Medicine.  

Thanks for helping to create this industry from scratch together and good luck to all legitimate cannabis industry: Founders, Startups, Professionals, and Enthusiasts! Co-Founder

I want to know all the ways that WeedClub can help connect legitimate cannabis businesses and customers with information, each other, goods, and tech.

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