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K9 Web Protection Review 2021 - TOPAttack

In this virtual world, it's miles a completely large problem for mother and father how they shield their youngsters from net crimes. For this reason, they search for dependable methods so that their youngsters can use the net safely. Technology has given excellent net clear out software program that mother and father can use to have completed manipulated over their children's net sports. Here, in this article, we can introduce the nice parental manipulate gear for mothers and fathers on the way to have an eagle eye on their youngsters digitally.

K9 Internet Filter Parental Control

The k9 net clears out is one of the effective parentals manipulates software programs to be had at the net. The software program is in particular designed for involved mother and father to dam beside the point content material on their children's tool. The k9 also can be used for the protection of your laptop from numerous online threats along with malware attacks.


Website blocking: With the assist of the k9 software program, you may block numerous forms of dangerous websites along with pornography, drugs, racism, and lots of others.

Safe Search: Through its secure seek function; mother and father can observe this option on all search engines like Google and yahoo t, that their youngsters use.

View Reports: The k9 reviews offer you get admission to song net pastime reviews.

Time Restrictions: You may even block particular websites for a particular duration also. Like, mother and father can block at some stage in their children's observe or sleep time.

Custom List: Through this option, you may offer either "continually allow" or "continually block" for particular websites.

Categorization: It offers a real-time categorization of websites along with grown-up websites.


The k9 software program helps Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices.

It could be very smooth to put in on any tool.

It offers a cloud-primarily based clear-out option.


The k9 has very constrained capabilities compared to different parental manipulate software programs.

You can't manipulate different tool sports remotely.

You will now no longer get an electronic mail notification of any pastime that you'll do via this software program.


The k9 software program is free to be had on the net.

K9 Internet Filter Review - Pros, Cons, and Alternative

What k9 Internet Filter cannot do, however mother and father need?

K9 software program is nice for net filtering. However, the software program nevertheless lacks many capabilities that mother and father call for to have greater protection for his or her youngsters. There is much stuff that k9 net filters can't do, however different parental manipulate software programs like FamiSafe can do perfectly.

Device Lock: Through the k9 software program, mother and father can't lock or release their children's tools at some stage in a selected duration of time, along with observing time.

Remote manipulation: Unlike the FamiSafe software program, mother and father can't manipulate their children's tool sports remotely.

Location Track: The maximum traumatic function that mother and father need is to screen their children's vicinity, and the k9 is not able to offer that function.

Internet Usage: Through the k9 software program, mother and father can't screen how a whole lot of time their youngsters spend on the net.

Block Apps: K9 software program can handiest block web sites. It can't block apps along with video games that youngsters use in extra.

FamiSafe - The Best Alternative to k9 Internet Filter

If you as a mother and father searching out a nice parental manipulate software program for a web clear-out out, then FamiSafe can be an amazing preference for you. Along with the internet clear-out out function, you'll get numerous capabilities that assist you to have greater manipulate over their children's sports.

Moreover, FamiSafe is the maximum well-known tracking app this is to be had on the net. This software program is well suited for each iPhone and Android device. The nice part of this software program is that you may remotely screen many sports of the goal tool.

Failsafe: net clear out for parental manipulate

Features of FamiSafe:


The maximum traumatic function through mother and father is supplied through FamiSafe. Parents can song the stay or genuine vicinity in their youngsters on the way to have surety that their youngsters are at a secure location.

Moreover, mother and father may even sing the whole course records in their children's tool. They can take a look at each location wherein their youngsters went. They can without problems recognize if their youngsters went to an uncommon location.

For greater protection, mother and father may even set a Geo-fences location for his or her youngsters. Whenever their youngsters depart or input the Geo-fences location, then they may get immediate notification on the way to keep away from any additional risk.

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