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Now that weed is legal in 18 states; you might be wondering, "where is cannabis legal?" You might be struggling to figure out where to legally buy cannabis near you. 

Unfortunately, many U.S. states still heavily criminalize the possession of weed. This stubborn stance leads to many smokers being imprisoned and exposed to unnecessary safety risks. 

Legalizing weed can greatly benefit both individual citizens and a state's economy. 

Keep reading, and we'll tell you 5 of the greatest benefits of legalizing weed in your state.

1. Economic Benefits

There are many economic benefits of cannabis. When your state controls the distribution of cannabis, it can make money off of sales tax. 

That money can be redistributed and used to fund education, public transportation, or anything else that your state needs. 

We probably don't need to tell you this, but weed is pretty popular. The more people buy weed from dispensaries; the more sales tax your state has to give to programs in need!

2. Medical Benefits

Medical cannabis is legal in more states than recreational cannabis. It is now accepted by most people that weed can be used as medicine. 

Weed is often used to help cancer patients who are going through chemotherapy. It can help to restore their appetites and minimize nausea. 

Weed may also be helpful in treating psychiatric conditions such as insomnia, anxiety, and depression. 

For an in-depth guide to medical marijuana, check out

3. Lower Prison Populations

By legalizing weed, your state could significantly cut down its prison population. Most proposals for weed legalization include expungement and release for people who are currently incarcerated.

At least 40,000 people are currently incarcerated for weed-related crimes in the United States. We think that number is far too high, and so do most young Americans. 

4. Smoking Is Safer

Although cannabis has medicinal properties, it isn't always good for you when you buy it illegally. Weed that you buy on the street is not regulated, and you have no sure way to know what's in it. 

When the government regulates cannabis, it can make sure that no product is laced or contaminated. Buying from a state-run dispensary is the safest way to get your weed fix.

5. Lower Rates of Hard Drug Use

The idea that weed is a "gateway drug" has fallen out of fashion recently, and that's a good thing. After all, how many people do you know who went from smoking weed to using heroin, for example? 

However, it is true that buying weed illegally puts you in close proximity to people who sell other illegal drugs. Selling weed legally eliminates that risk and keeps people safe.

Urge Your Lawmakers Toward Legalizing Weed Today

Those are just a few points in favor of legalizing weed. If you like the sound of making your state safer and wealthier (and getting to have some legal fun while you're at it), you can tell your state legislators to take action!

Write to your representatives in Congress and urge them to legalize cannabis. The more people come out in favor of weed legalization, the more likely it is to be achieved on a federal level.

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