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With the cannabis industry booming in Canada, the demand for marijuana delivery services is climbing as well.

Even though not all provinces are on board with private dispensaries hiring a delivery company or their own delivery driver to drop off cannabis purchases, there are still options when it comes to having access to cannabis via home delivery.


If you're interested in having your weed delivered to your home, it's important to understand what the legal delivery options in Ontario are.


  • How Does Cannabis Delivery in Ontario Work?


Medical marijuana like rso oil is the only cannabis product you can have delivered across the province when it comes to current delivery options.


Each Canadian province is responsible for regulating delivery services for recreational cannabis products.


For instance, most provinces offer express service from government-owned dispensaries or mail delivery from online retailers, except British Columbia, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan, which allows all licensed dispensaries to utilize private delivery services.


No matter the province you live in, you can expect to pay shipping/delivery fees.

Just as each Canadian province has different rules for private delivery, they also differ when it comes to click-and-collect services (where you pay online and pick up the cannabis product in-store).


  • Recreational Delivery Options in Ontario


All the legalese aside, here are the two current delivery options when it comes to receiving your recreational marijuana products:

  • Delivery Drivers and Express Service: If and when the AGCO permits it, you can have your cannabis products delivered by a private driver. You can stay up to date on their policies on their blog.
  • OCS via Canada Post: the Ontario Cannabis Store is the leading cannabis delivery service that will deliver your online purchases made through government-run stores to your home. When you purchase your cannabis products through the Ontario Cannabis Store website, the order is usually shipped and delivered through Canada Post.

As mentioned before, it is important to remember that the person accepting the package at the door must be able to prove their age. In some provinces, the person taking the package must be the same person whose name is on the shipping label.


  • The Benefits of Having Your Cannabis Delivered

Whether you can have your marijuana brought to you through a cannabis delivery service or via Canada Post, there are certainly benefits to having your cannabis products delivered:

  • Convenience: If you don't mind waiting a day or two for shipping and paying delivery fees, marijuana delivery services will save the time of having to travel to and shop at a dispensary.
  • Lower Product Costs: Companies that offer their products online have less overhead to run their business and can offer lower costs on cannabis products.
  • Privacy: If you are uncomfortable going to a dispensary, having your package delivered is a great way to privately receive your cannabis products.
  • How to Find Local Dispensaries That Deliver


In order to find local and licensed dispensaries that deliver cannabis products, you can reference the OCS database. Their database allows you to search for a local cannabis store, like this dispensary for example.


Depending on the time you read this blog post, cannabis delivery may be permitted in Ontario, but if not, don't hesitate to call your local cannabis store. Simply click on the search box at the top of the OCS database to find a cannabis store. Enter your location and see what dispensaries in your area offer reliable weed delivery.

You can also use this tool to find local dispensaries even if they don't deliver.




  • Ordering Cannabis Products Through Online Retailers

Perhaps the most popular method of having your weed delivered to your home is to order it through an online retailer. However, you have to be very careful when doing so.

Not all online retailers are licensed and some may sell less-than-safe products or even scam you for money. In order to ensure you are purchasing your cannabis from a reputable online store like, follow these tips:

  • Check out the website: Does it look professional or like something made in the late 1990s? The quality of the website will help you determined if the business is established.
  • Google the company: The search results will help you determine the company's reputation and business history.
  • Look at their social media accounts: A high number of followers with low engagement usually means those follows were bought. Look for a company that posts regularly and interacts with its customers.
  • Be wary of payment methods: Watch out for companies that ask you to send e-transfers to email addresses NOT associated with the URL of their website.

Buying cannabis online can be risky but as long as you're careful, you can safely enjoy high-quality cannabis sent to your door through online dispensaries. The Ontario cannabis community is certainly grateful to have access to legal marijuana - and almost everyone can enjoy having that product delivered straight to their door!

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