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It’s another time of the year that millions of travel enthusiasts all over the world are gearing up for the summer holidays. If you’re a vaper who’s planning your summer vacation in a foreign destination, there are certain things you must know if you wish to make your trip count. 

Read on for a comprehensive guide on how to vape on holiday.

Understand Vaping Laws:

Vaping laws vary from one country or state to another. While some countries allow you to vape freely, others impose hefty penalties on the possession or use of e-cigs. 

Therefore, the first step to having a memorable holiday is understanding the vaping laws in your destination of choice. 

As you shall find, the laws on vaping are generally permissive in North America and many member states of the European Union. However, the case seems to be the opposite in many Asian and Middle East countries. 

In other countries, particularly in Africa and South America, vaping laws tend to be a bit fuzzy. Therefore, you may never know whether the practice is allowed or prohibited unless you find out. 


Know What’s Banned and What’s Allowed:

It’s not enough to know that vaping is criminalized or allowed in a country. You should go a step further and find out what’s banned and what’s not. 

Certain countries have outlawed vaping in its entirety. In such countries, you cannot possess, use, or distribute e-cigs or related accessories. Neither can you consume vape oils of any kind? 

In other countries, the focus is on e-liquids. Most vape juices contain nicotine and cannabis extracts as their main ingredients. While the whole vaping concept was invented as a safer way to consume nicotine, many countries are now banning nicotine-containing e-liquids. 

Similarly, cannabis remains illegal in some countries. So, that means you cannot consume cannabis-infused vape oils either.


Order For Your Vaping Products Locally:

At first glance, this may not sound like a big deal. But let’s face it; vape products are anything but cheap. And since you don’t want to add unnecessary financial baggage to your vacation, the best way to purchase your vaping accessories is to order products locally. 

Insist on suppliers that offer either same day or next day vape delivery services. Not only will this save you money, but it will also go a long way in promoting environmental sustainability. 

Remember that when you order your vape products overseas, a decent amount of fuel is used in ferrying the products to your destination, which increases the amount of carbon footprint. There are numerous other eco-friendly vaping tips besides buying locally. 

For instance, you could consider recycling used-up vape products or donating them to local vapers. Also, you should invest in durable vape accessories so that you’re not disposing of used-up products every other day.


Avoid Vaping in Public Places:

One of the fun facts about vaping is that you never know when the craving might strike. That’s particularly true if you regularly vape addictive substances like nicotine and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). 

So, you may find yourself flushing out your e-cig to vape in specific places where vaping isn’t allowed, such as airports and shopping malls. To be sure you’re vaping in the right place, always watch out for ‘No Smoking’ signs. 

While vaping is over 90% safer than cigarette smoking, opinions vary around the world, and many authorities view vaping in the same breath as smoking. 

But for your peace of mind, avoid vaping in public places, such as in airports, shopping malls, and restaurants, unless you’re 100% convinced that vaping is allowed within those precincts. 


Carry Your Vape Products Safely:

It is a very crucial tip, especially if you’re travelling on a plane. Most airline companies allow you to stash your vaporizer in a carry-on bag. But that’s not a license to vape on a plane. 

Most importantly, always store away your vaping accessories properly. Take exceptional care of the batteries and ensure they don’t come into contact with any metallic surfaces, as that could trigger an explosion. 

The best way to go about that is to carry the batteries in your carry-on bag as opposed to stashing them in your suitcase. That’s what the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority recommends.  

And if possible, avoid charging the batteries before your flight. Charging them mid-flight is out of the question. As strange as it sounds, deaths related to e-cig explosions aren’t unheard of. 


Socialize With the Locals:

You may have been lucky to have travelled to a country where vaping is legal. But you soon realize that the general population still frowns upon vaping. 

In such places, you may walk for miles along city streets without stumbling upon a vape shop or meeting a vaper in action. 

To get a sneak preview of the locals’ attitudes towards vaping, try to find out what they think. While at it, you might also take the opportunity to sensitize them on the documented benefits of vaping compared to other nicotine delivery systems. 

Your goal isn’t just to get them to embrace vaping but to also make it easier for you to vape without raising eyebrows. 

It’s easy to vape on holiday. You only need to acquaint yourself with the vaping laws in your destination and avoid vaping in public places unless you have express authorization. Also, remember to carry your vape products safely to avoid causing unnecessary accidents.

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