As marijuana becomes legal in more locations, participants in the cannabis industry will experience more competition. If your company is in the cannabis industry and wants to increase profits and revenues today and remain successful in the future, let’s talk. During 25 years as a professional investor, I spent nearly a decade working with successful individuals and wealthy families, finding solutions to their investment needs. But my passion is helping business owners – learning about their companies, investing, and now, helping those companies become more viable through growth and profitability. These traditional business skills can help medical marijuana companies reach more patients. The goal is always the same – free the business owner to focus on the most important tasks, with more money in their pocket, through more effective sales to more clients. I focus on the financial side of the goal, using skills as a financial analyst, working with bookkeepers, accountants and attorneys. I have an Masters in Business Administration from Haas Business School, UC Berkeley, and am a Chartered Financial Analyst. I am a California native, having grown up in Santa Cruz. I have been active in the cannabis industry, in a financial role, since mid-2014 and active in startups since 2008. I can be reached at Elizabeth.Pearce@Comcast.net or 415-595-4784