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We are a great of legit distributors.we supplie of different

varieties of hash oil and Medical Marijuana Avaliable. .(Cure -

Cancer, back pain, sleeping, stress , apitite, brain

tumor,insomia and many other illness etc Top strains

avaliable.For sell . INDICA and SATIVA . all strains are

avaliable . I've got Medical marijuana with caregivers for

Patients, We ship via out the USA and we do mix matches of

strains. Shipping is done very discreetly.we provide good

assistance in the form of counseling and we also go far as to

provide high quality medicines for all patients. Hash oil

,shatter and wax Available!!! Below are some of our strains:Girl

Scout Cookies,Sour DieselGreen crack,Grand Daddy Purple,OG Kush,

Dark Ganja,AK47,Red Majic,mango kush,banana kus,Purple

Haze,Orange Kush,Russian kush,Blueberry bud,purple urkle, white

widow and headband.

lee trudy

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