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Lately, we have been noticing how people are choosing to vape over smoking to reduce the impact of nicotine on their bodies. But are vaping products that effective and helpful to quit smoking? Well, while vaping is less harmful compared to tobacco smoking, it is not risk-free. 


In this article, we share with you the reasons to switch from smoking to vaping, as well as the crucial facts you need to know about vaping products. 


Why switch from smoking to vaping? 

Well, according to research, vaping is around 60 percent highly effective to quit smoking compared to other nicotine replacement products. Many people have experienced failed attempts to quit smoking due to several cigarette replacement products. However, vaping reduces such cravings with the use of vapes containing e-liquid. 


Another reason why vaping works better than other things, such as gum or patches, is that vaping hits like a cigarette. So, many who try to quit cigarette smoking often miss the sensation of smoking. Therefore, vaping helps due to being so familiar with cigarette smoking. 


Tips for moving from cigarettes to vaping

Here are some easy ways to move from cigarettes to vaping: 

Keep it simple

One of the major mistakes that various smokers make while switching to vaping is that they pick a complicated vaping device. Since vapes are high maintenance compared to cigarettes, smokers may find it frustrating. Therefore, it is best to go for a device that is simple to use, pre-fill, and pocket-friendly. It is best to use Vape pens or bars, as these are very easy to use. 


Make sure to use the right nicotine strength 

In the first few weeks of trying to quit cigarette smoking, people have more nicotine cravings. That’s why new vapers must ensure that they are smoking e-cigarettes with ideal nicotine levels for satiating such cravings. 

Once you find out the right nicotine strength for you, you have to start reducing the usage for slowly quitting cigarettes and finally go nicotine-free. 


Consider nicotine type

It is vital to consider the type of nicotine you are using, like the nicotine strength. E-liquid often comes with distinct types of nicotine in it. These are often distinct types that offer a unique vaping experience. 


The short-fills are the type of vaping liquid that contains nicotine-free e-juice in a larger bottle, along with a space for mixing nicotine shots for preferred strength. All these options make it easier to customize how much nicotine one gets from the e-cigarette. 

The choice of nicotine type often depends on the vaper. However, it is also recommended to use nicotine salts. It is because their perfect chemical structure enables rapid nicotine absorption into your bloodstream. This causes faster nicotine hits that are similar to smoking a cigarette. 


Take your time

Smokers often find it difficult to switch from smoking cigarettes to vaping. Therefore, it is best to take your time and gradually make a transition. You might try swapping conventional smoking for e-cigarettes a few times to gradually quit this habit. It is at times referred to as dual use. 


5 facts cigarettes smokers need to know

Here are the 5 facts that every cigarette smokers need to know before switching to vaping: 


Vaping is still not safe, even though it is less harmful compared to smoking


Vaping heat nicotine forms an aerosol for inhaling. Conventional tobacco cigarettes have 7,000 chemicals and most of them are toxic. Although we are not sure of the exact chemicals includes in e-cigarettes, vaping does have fewer toxic chemicals compared to traditional cigarettes. 


Research says that vaping is bad for the lungs and heart  

Nicotine is a major agent in traditional cigarettes, as well as e-cigarettes. And this chemical agent is highly addictive. It often leads you to crave smoking and also makes you suffer various withdrawal symptoms if you neglect the cravings. This toxic substance may even increase your blood pressure while spiking your adrenaline that further rises the heart rate and also the likelihood of getting a heart attack. 


Vapes are also as addictive as cigarettes  

Since vapes also have a certain amount of nicotine, which is an addictive substance, people are likely to get addicted to vaping too. So, even if you quit smoking, you are likely to stay addicted to nicotine. 


E-cigarettes are not the only best smoking cessation device

While they have been promoted as a good tool to quit smoking, e-cigarettes don’t have 

Food and Drug Administration’s approval as a good smoking cessation tool. However, according to a study, people who often intend to use e-cigarettes can easily quit tobacco smoking. 


A new generation is more hooked on to nicotine

According to the National Youth Tobacco Survey 2021, over 2 million U.S. middle and high school students are observed to use e-cigarettes in 2021. As per the reports, 8 in 10 youths are involved in using flavored vapes. 



While vapes are effective to help smokers to quit cigarettes, one must know the facts about vaping too. It will help them decide whether they want to use this way of quitting smoking or not.  


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