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Posted: Sat September 20 7:16 AM PDT  
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My background is in the science of ecology and for many years I've worked on water quality and river restorations with a goal of protecting aquatic ecosystems. Back in 2002, I started Sweetwater LLC a company that sells water filtration systems to individuals and businesses. Earlier this year, 2014, I developed a unique water filter specifically for growing marijuana. This new company, Elevate 420 is a subsidiary of Sweetwater LLC.

The Bud Booster water filter is designed to remove chloramine, chlorine, and fluoride in places where the level of total dissolved solids in water is less than 300 parts per million. This would include many important grow locations like San Francisco, Oakland, Marin, Denver, Seattle, and Portland, Chicago. Basically anywhere that surface water is the water source. The Bud Booster filters the water as it flows through the system, meaning in particular that there is no waste water. It is intended to replace reverse osmosis and the inadequate chlorine filters being used by many growers today. There are two versions, one flows at 1 gallon per minute (gpm) for the home grower and another at 3 - 5 gpm for the facility that grows at a retail location. I can also provide custom designed systems for warehouse grows.

The first two filters were placed in use in late June at LoDo Wellness Center in Denver. Flow rates are good and they provide a consisten pH of about 6. LoDo Wellness uses 12 1000 W bulbs for the plants in flower stage and typically get 1 lb of dry bud per light or 12 lbs per harvest. The first harvest using the Bud Booster resulted in 16 lbs of dry bud, or a 33% increase in production with no other changes to the their grow.

This increase in production is due to the removal of chloramine and fluoride. Many growers are using reverse osmosis to accomplish this or using the wrong water filters and not accomplishing removal of these contaminants.

I can provide you with the best possible water for your grow. If you are using city water you can call me and we will review your water report to determine the best filter for your situation. If you are using well water I can provide well water testing to determine what you need. If you know your water source  and what you need you can purchase the Bud Booster online at www.420waterfilters.com.

I'm excited to bring the very best in water filtration systems for your grow. 

Elevate 420 Water Filters

Elevate 420 provides water filtration systems for legal cannabis growers. Inventor of the proprietary Bud Booster water filter for retail and home growers; replaces reverse osmosis. No water waste. Eliminates chlorine, chloramine, fluoride, and all volatile organics including chlorine byproducts and pesticides. Demonstrated increase in production of dry bud weight. Suspect that potency is also increased. Also provide custom large scale commercial systems for warehouse grows.

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